Marie Brooks

Author faceHello everyone, I am Marie Brooks and I am a beginner but already quite successful trader. I have been researching the market for a very long time and have developed my strategies for constant and win-win earnings. If you want to make money with me, read my blog. My contacts: + 1-405-712-4005, [email protected]

What forms the exchange rate level?

The higher the domestic prices and production costs compared to foreign ones, the higher the import growth compared to export. Therefore, high domestic prices and low outside prices usually mean high foreign exchange prices. This factor, which was co…

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Forex forecast for July 2013: USD to grow

In early summer, the EUR/USD currency pair continued the race, which began in spring. After the ECB meeting on June 6, the bulls on the Forex market became even more confident. Everything related to monetary policy remained unchanged, and the head of…

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