fintech solutions from xcritical software will help to attract tradersTo answer the question of how XCritical Software has succeeded, it is worth looking at its history. It’s short and only lasts three years. However, the company’s current achievements have not been achieved by others in ten years.First of all, experienced programmers and enthusiasts were at the origin of the startup. They worked in a brokerage company and, more than anyone else, understood the needs of the broker – in what he is interested in the first place. Secondly, the startup managed to become a part of the international group of companies XCritical, which has offices in Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia. This has become a serious factor, but still not a key one. Third, the creators initially had their own ideas, which had to be implemented, and they firmly believed in their implementation. Finally, fourth, they managed to find the same like-minded people, and in three years from a few employees and startup XCritical Software has grown into a serious company with three dozen programmers, and this is not the limit.The company plans to expand not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively. It sets itself the short-term goal of expanding its business. The work is carried out in a free schedule, but by the methods of Scrum and Kanban, it allows you to maximize the use of internal resources of the company and give a quality product in a short time. Special attention is paid to the professional growth of all team members.What has been achieved during this time? The best answer to this question is XCritical Software products. The main one of them is the XCritical terminal, it is not only a platform, but also a huge number of analysts from financial markets. Brokerage companies using XCritical’s analytical data significantly expand their business options. This working tool measures the KPI of sales and retention, shows intermediate results and, ultimately, allows you to significantly increase profits. With XCritical, you can analyze each manager, look at individual commands, and make decisions using accurate numbers.Before entering the market the company’s product goes through several stages. From the moment the order is received from the customer, the customer’s requirements are clarified and analysed. The next step is the development of specifications and interface design. Then the main stage, where the product itself is created. Upon its completion, it is tested and errors are identified, which are immediately corrected. The product is then integrated into the customer’s system and followed by technical support for a certain amount of time.All these stages involve a team of professional programmers who combine experience and youth. Becoming a member of this team is quite easy – you need to contact the company by e-mail or phone. However, the job seeker must be prepared for certain requirements – discipline, teamwork and focus. In return, you can improve your skills, get a high salary, bonuses from the company, participate in numerous corporate events and boldly call themselves among the authors of products that are most in demand in the financial market.