Marie Brooks

Author faceHello everyone, I am Marie Brooks and I am a beginner but already quite successful trader. I have been researching the market for a very long time and have developed my strategies for constant and win-win earnings. If you want to make money with me, read my blog. My contacts: + 1-405-712-4005, [email protected]

Why not everyone can make money on forex

As practice shows, not all of those who come to the market can actually earn for Forex . I would even say that most of them leave trading with scream “Locheron!”. At the same time, very often the charges are poured into the address of the broker. However, they are infrequently reasonable. The main reason […]

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Universal indicator GOLDEN MA

The Golden MA indicator can be a good addition for any trading strategy or even its basis. It belongs to the universal tools for analyzing the market situation. There are no restrictions on currency pairs and timeframes. In order to work with it, you need to download the file and place it in the appropriate […]

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CopyDeiding. Advantages and disadvantages.

Wishing to make a lot on the market. But in order to do it successfully, a lot of time will need. The market requires knowledge and experience from the trader. Nevertheless, beginner traders can also receive stable income if they use the corresponding trading method. It is called CopyTending . Already by the title you […]

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Understanding a Sober Living House

Undoubtedly, addiction may ruin one’s life. But there is always a way to get back to normal and regain confidence. The first step is to ask for help and enter a rehabilitation program. But the recovery process doesn’t end just there. Rehab works great at detoxing, but long-term recovery requires will and skills to deal […]

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XO ATR Indicator for MT4 Trading Terminal

The XO ATR indicator, which I will tell today, is an optimized version of the popular ATR market analysis tool. Making some changes to its algorithm made it possible to increase the efficiency of the indicator. It forms more accurate signals. The indicator is displayed in a separate window as two colors columns. The XO […]

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