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Winners traders and faithful traders

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Today I want to talk about why some traders succeed, while others lose money and go from the market. The reasons, of course, can be a lot. But among them there are the most important or basic, which relate to the approach to trading. You may have read a tale about a hare and a turtle. The smart and emotional hare lost slow, but consistent in his actions turtle in the race for a long distance. This fairy tale resembles a situation that is often observed in trading. Winners traders behave, like turtles. Well, Failure traders resemble a hare. A beginner trader needs to be able to objectively assess his trade style. And if it is too much from the “hare”, then you must recognize the availability of a problem and try to solve it.

Why the trader pursue failures

Let’s return to the hare. Why, despite the wake-up start, he turned out to be defeated. Yes, because I did not calculate my strength, acted emotionally and distracted by all sorts of trifles. At the same time, the turtle slowly and confidently moved to the finish. Many novice traders seek to quickly achieve an impressive result in trade. They open up a lot of trade transactions, neglecting even the basic risk reduction rules. The losers traders are very hard for losses and strive as quickly as possible to return lost funds. And such a hurry leads to new losses. The winning traders act differently. They are in no hurry to make a trading decision. Carefully analyze the market situation. If there are no appropriate to enter the market Conditions, such traders are quietly waiting for suitable moments. They can be compared with another representative of the animal world. This is a crocodile. We know that he is a sufficiently slow animal. However, when mining appears on the horizon, the crocodile acts quickly and decisively. Multi-year practice shows that the winning traders traded carefully, calmly and consistently. Yes, they are often waiting for the result for a long time, but it is much better than the results of trader traders who prefer high-frequency Trading style. Traders – “Turtles” are not amenable to discover more transactions or increase their volumes. They are disciplined and patient. Do not think that traders who have consistently earn the market, simply accompany the luck. The main reasons for their success are the ability to control their emotions and the ability to effectively manage capital. Inga Fedorova 25.12.2021 Recording Traders-winners and faithful traders for the first time appeared

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