As practice shows, not all of those who come to the market can actually earn for Forex . I would even say that most of them leave trading with scream “Locheron!”. At the same time, very often the charges are poured into the address of the broker. However, they are infrequently reasonable. The main reason for disappointment in the market is the trader itself. However, it is difficult to call it, since events develop very quickly. The newcomer market loses its money for a short time. He even Do not have time to become a trader. To some extent, advertising is to blame. Promises of fast and easy earnings for forex make their job. A beginner trader is strongly offended if it does not happen.

The main reasons for failures in Trading

Those who lose money for forex, I recommend to start looking for the causes of this in yourself. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate your knowledge in the field of trading. And it should be an honest assessment. Many of the newcomers of the market do not bother themselves reading theoretical materials. And without this, success in trade is impossible.

The next question is a trading strategy. It must be. And even if not quite successful. This problem can be gradually solved by optimizing the conditions of the vehicle. But its absence is a guaranteed failure. You can not spend time on trading, as money will still be lost.

Beginner traders often discover transactions in all signals that the trading system offers. They do not know how or do not want to check their quality. Entrance to the market for false Signals lead to quick loss of funds. Any TC must contain filters of dubious signals to open the transaction. To cut them completely, of course, it will not be possible. But significantly reduce the number of unsuccessful transactions.

Beginners of trading will never be able to make money on Forex if they do not analyze their mistakes. I mean unprofitable deals. Often, the trader is limited to negative emotions towards them. And one of the main conditions of success is to find out the causes of failures not to repeat They are later.

Ignoring Stop Loss is also a big mistake. Perhaps in the future, as sufficient experience accumulates, other trading options can be considered. And at the very beginning it is necessary to limit potential losses.

The absence of such qualities as discipline and the ability to wait can also destroy the deposit. If not, it means to develop.

Inga Fedorova


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