One of the important factors that affect the cost of the precious metallol is the policy of Fedrev. In the coming year, it is likely to put pressure on the price of gold. According to the results of the last meeting of the Fed, the American Central Bank intends to turn the program to redeem assets by a faster pace than previously expected. In addition, the FOMC statement speaks of a likely raising rates in 2022. This must be taken into account traders that use Gold for earnings in the market. Actions Fed will lead to the strengthening of the dollar, which will be a negative factor for precious metal. We all remember how difficult it was 2020. Then the price of gold rose sharply against the background of the crisis caused by a pandemic. However, last year the situation on the market was already different. Interest on the part of investors to this protective asset was no longer so high as a year earlier. There were no strong movements in the gold market in 2021. The price of the Troy Uz Dragmetal was near a level of $ 1800. And according to the results The whole year she fell about 3.5%. This is the maximum price reduction over the past five years.

Forecast at the price of gold in 2022

With a high probability, the cost of the precious metallol will fall. And by the end of this year, the price can decrease to $ 1500-1600 per troy ounce. Despite some discrepancy in the forecasts, most experts are waiting for the fall in gold prices. This precioustal is no longer the most popular asset among investors to protect their funds during inflation periods. Last year They used other areas of investment destinations for this purpose, including real estate and stock market. If the US FRAS really increases the rates in the current year, it will increase the yield of American government bonds, which are traditionally a gold competitor as a protective asset. And if you add a factor of strengthening the American currency to this, it is possible that there will be a price collapse in the gold market. Nevertheless, some experts are quite optimistic For the prospects for the gold market. They believe that the above factors have already been laid in the price of precious metallol. Therefore, its significant drop is unlikely. But the growth value of gold in 2022 is quite possible against the background of a complex geopolitical situation. In addition, the reserves of this dragmetal in major central banks of the world have recently decreased. This means that they can start purchasing Gold in large volumes. Inga Fedorova 08.01.2022 Recording What to expect from the Gold Market in 2022 For the first time, appeared.