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Universal indicator GOLDEN MA

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The Golden MA indicator can be a good addition for any trading strategy or even its basis. It belongs to the universal tools for analyzing the market situation. There are no restrictions on currency pairs and timeframes.

In order to work with it, you need to download the file and place it in the appropriate folder of the MT4 directory. Do not forget to restart the trading terminal or use the “Update” function in the “Indicators” tab.

After that, you can work with the settings. They are enough Many, but I will tell only about really important variables.

Graphic period. This variable is designed to specify which period should be used.

Price. Here you need to choose the type of price to be used by the indicator in the calculations.

Another parameter is called how many hours to the right. This is the size of the displacement of the indicator readings to the right. The following two variables relate to the Hilo indicator, which is used in the Golden MA algorithm.

yesterday and Hilo. If activate This feature, the indicator will take into account the readings of Hilo on the eve.

and the last parameter – size-HILO. Here you need to register the period of the HILO indicator.

The setting of the indicator should not cause difficulties even at novice traders. After it is completed, you can proceed to trade. Naturally, it must first be a demo account.

Trade Rules for the Golden MA

indicator of its readings look like this:

The indicator that today is speaking today simplifies trade trader. He draws important levels on the chart. In addition, the indicator writes at what price and in which direction should open a trading transaction. And also at what level it will be advisable to close it. And that’s not all. The Golden MA indicator displays levels indicating overbought or oversold. If the price reaches one of these zones, then the likelihood of market reversal is high. In any case, it is necessary to be attentive.

At first glance it may seem to trade with this indicator very simply. And it is almost so. But false signals will also be. Therefore, it is necessary to remember and apply risk reduction rules. This is especially true of trading transactions.

The indicator operation should be tested in trade on the demo account. In the same period, you can choose the optimal parameters in the settings.

If you are interested in this indicator, you can download the archive in which its file is.

Golden MA

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