u.s. federal reserve board meeting (17-18 september 2019)Federal Reserve held a regular meeting at which it was
The decision to reduce the interest rate on
0.25 percentage points. Now it’s 1.75%-2%. There was no decision.
unanimous. Three out of 10 participants did not agree with the decision.
They voted against it. And if Eric Rosengren and Esther George have spoken out
to keep the bet unchanged, then James
Bullard advocated a more significant reduction of the rate – by 0.5
point.Members of the Open Market Operations Committee also revised some of the forecast indicators. As for the rates, they will range from 1.6% to 2.1% in 2019. Experts have noticed that the updated forecast indicates another reduction of the rate by the end of this year. Expectations regarding the dynamics of annual GDP have been improved. Now the forecast for this year’s economic growth is 2.2%.Jerome Powell
will be speaking at the press conference. He said the Fed was ready for an aggressive
lower interest rates if the situation in the U.S. economy deteriorates sharply. But for now.
there’s no need for such a decision. He also hinted that the program
asset purchases may be resumed in the future.Lucrative
government bonds and U.S. stock indices reacted to the Fed’s decision