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Trend indicator Vulkan Profit. Qualitative signals to enter the market.

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Today I want to tell you about an easy to use indicator that shows good results in trading. This is Vulkan Profit. I would like to warn at once that it can be used only on the trendy price movement. This analysis tool generates a lot of false signals during the flute period. There are no restrictions on currency pairs, on timeframes – too. The algorithm of the indicator is simple. Signals are generated when moving averages cross. Besides, it has a signal filter, which improves the quality of trading recommendations. In MT4 Vulkan Profit is installed according to standard instructions. Those who are not familiar with it can find the necessary information in the article “Cheat sheet on Metatrader 4”.

Indicator parameters

Parameter VP_Bars allows you to set the number of bars that the indicator will use in its calculations.

Variables VP_WMA, SlowerLWMA, FasterSidusEMA and SlowerSidusEMA are designed to set the periods of moving averages.

The remaining three parameters are used to set up market entry alerts.

Trade opening

For the beginning let’s see how the indicator signals look on the chart of the traded currency pair:

Read the signals in the standard way for arrow indicators. Up arrow (blue) – buy. Down arrow (red) – sell.

Stop-loss must be set. His level is at the trader’s discretion. This may be the nearest extremum or support/resistance levels. To fix profit, you can use take profit, which is 2-3 times higher than the stop. You can also close a trade when the opposite signal appears. That is, if we have an open BUY order, we close it when the red arrow appears on the chart. If we have an open SELL order, we close it when the blue arrow appears on the chart.

The main advantages of the Vulkan Profit indicator are its universality, simplicity and absence of repainting.

It can be used as a standalone trading system. However, to improve the trading results, I would recommend choosing an additional technical analysis tool to filter signals. Perhaps it will be one of the indicators I’ve talked about in the blog.

Testing the indicator on a demo account is a mandatory condition for any instrument of testing, and Vulkan Profit is no exception.

In conclusion, I suggest you to download the indicator file:Vulkan-ProfitFyodorov’s Inga26.12.2018

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