Trade in shares is one of the most popular methods of earnings. And for this, it is not necessary to go to the stock market. Many forex brokers provide such an opportunity to their customers. In the MT4 trading terminal, the promotions can be found in the “Symbols” tab. They are combined into groups called “Stocks”. For those who do only the first steps in investing, I will explain what shares are. These are securities that the company produces for sale on the stock exchange and attract funds. In the future, these funds are used For the development of the company. Shares can be bought in order to obtain passive income in the form of dividends. And you can make money on the difference of their price. Today I want to tell you about what shares are.

Classes of companies

There are different classifications of these assets. But I will tell you about the one that is really important for investors. The most popular class of shares is the so-called, “blue chips”. They include paper of large American and European companies with capitalization of more than 10 billion dollars. Risks from investing in the paper of such companies are minimal. But this requires a significant amount of money. The following class is growing stocks. These include the paper of long-working companies. Nevertheless, their financial indicators did not look attractive. Companies fixed losses. However, access to the profitable level allows you to consider the paper of such companies as an investment instrument. Getting good dividends unlikely. But make money on the rate difference Shares can be. Cyclic shares are also designed to earn money on their price difference. This class includes paper companies whose development largely depends on the situation in the country’s economy. If the economy is growing confidently, then the course of the shares of such companies will also rise and, accordingly, on the contrary. Another class of shares is protected. This group includes paper companies, whose activities are not affected by the situation in the country’s economy or any external factors. Price Their papers on the market does not demonstrate strong movements, so income can be obtained in the form of stable dividends. Well, the last investment class of shares is speculative. They are suitable for experienced investors. Financial indicators and course of shares of companies of this class can change dramatically: from profits to a loss, from the growth of prices of papers to their significant fall. But it is these oscillations that allow the investor to receive good profits. Trade in shares – a very interesting lesson that can become a source Considerable income. But for this you need to have an appropriate knowledge base and experience. Inga Fedorova 22.01.2022 Record trade in shares. What you need to know about it. For the first time appeared