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I want to talk a little bit about my trading in March in this article. In total, more than 140 deals were opened, thanks to which I earned $7,430.

I’ve been trading with Maximarkets brokerage company for years.

The past month is not boring. Markets were closely monitoring the situation around a possible trade war. And the United States has been diligently “warming up” this topic. Donald Trump signed a memorandum “On Combating China’s Economic Aggression,” which provides the government with more opportunities to introduce and increase duties on Chinese goods. Beijing has tried to reason and warn its main trading partner against ill-considered actions that contradict WTO rules. But apparently, without success. And now Beijing is ready to respond. Today it was reported that China is introducing duties on 106 items of American goods. Looks like a trade war is on its doorstep. I think this topic will remain a priority in April. As for my favorite oil market, he was supported last month by the announcement of Saudi Arabia and Russia’s intention to help maintain cooperation beyond 2018 within the OPEC+ framework and to develop a new long-term agreement.

Monthly transactions are successful

March 6, Donald Trump announced his intention to introduce duties on steel and aluminum, which caused a sharp rise in gold prices. As geopolitical tensions increase, investors’ interest in safe assets grows. I opened a trade order to buy gold and a few hours later I fixed a profit of $4780.

I opened a few more profitable gold orders within a month. The total profit from trading in this market has exceeded 33 thousand dollars. Gold was a successful trading instrument in March.

On March 7, Baker Hughes service company published 96 units of global drilling platform growth data. And the oil market began to play it back by falling. The oil deal opened on that day ended with a profit of $6585. But on the whole, my oil trade in March was not a success.March trading calendar can be downloaded at:statement-ffy-03-2018Fyodorov’s Inga04.04.2018