Hello, dear traders!It so happened that for personal reasons I stopped trading for a long enough time. But now all the problems are solved, and I’m back in business.I want to tell you a little about my trading last month.Total number of trades – 20. Of these, 14 were closed with a profit. At the end of August, the profit amounted to $625.I’m still trading with Maximarkets.Despite the fact that August is traditionally the most “vacation” month, the news feeds do not seem to have rested. And so are the markets. The financial world was closely following the news, which concerned two topics: the trade conflict between the U.S. and China, and Brexit. And there was no certainty in both directions. All that Beijing and Washington managed to agree on was the resumption of negotiations. But it’s not clear where they’re gonna lead. The conclusion of the trade agreement is not yet visible. In Great Britain, as the European authorities put it, it’s a total mess. In August, Boris Johnson tried to negotiate with Brussels to change the terms of the deal, but he failed. Global volatility is also reflected in markets.

Best trade of the month

I’ve mainly focused my trading on
of the gold market, which is known to be sensitive to important world news.
The largest profit was made from the purchase of precious metals. She made up a little bit
over $2,000.1 August Donald Trump announced another increase in duties on Chinese goods. This meant that trade relations between the two countries continued to deteriorate. The reaction of the markets in such a situation was predictable. Investors, of course, will pay attention to gold. So I opened a buy deal. The next trading day I took a profit.In the end of the month one more profitable deal on gold was closed.
Profit was $1060. The overall result of the month’s trading has ruined the pound. British
the currency has become as unpredictable as the Brexit situation. As a result of two transactions, my
the trading account decreased by more than $4,000.The rest of the deals were completed with insignificant trading
the results. I didn’t trade cryptocurrencies last month. But in this marketplace.
I plan to pay attention to myself. In my opinion, in the long run, we can expect
serious movements.But the main thing is that despite such large losses, I managed to finish August with a small profit. I hope September will be more profitable.August trading situation:Fyodorov’s Inga11.09.2019