Maksimarkets International Company has established itself as an excellent broker, helping its clients to make money at the Forex exchange. This company differs significantly from other development of modernized and modern services in the world of trading, as well as with the help of highly qualified specialists in this field.The broker has a modern dealing center where he negotiates and concludes deals with large financial media. This company started its work in 2008 and has already managed to get a lot of satisfied customers and good reviews. It will be useful to know that the company is registered on the island of Anguilla, which is an offshore zone.
Maximarkets has long been a member of the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) and the Association of Regional Banks (ARBR). She is also a member of the international financial commission FinaComPLCLTD, which controls trading on the Forex market. These companies determine the safety of this broker, and protect the interests of traders.
Broker attracts a lot of advantages, rather favorable terms of cooperation. It is one of the few companies that allows trading in precious metals, currency and CDF contracts.What is important to know for a beginner? Consider the obvious advantages of Maximarkets broker:
* Minimum deposit amount is only $500;
* Oil and precious metals handling;
* Convenient withdrawal of money directly to the bank card
* Low spreads of 2 pips, allowing you not to share your profits with third parties;
* The company guarantees the confidentiality of your personal data and information about your money transactions. Absolute anonymity is what every trader needs.
In addition to such favorable conditions, the company has something to share in the technical sense. Let’s consider the main positions convenient for all traders:
* Accessible and easy to understand and understand interface that helps to instantly understand all the menu items. In addition, quick access to your personal account, which is important for dealing with urgent issues;
* You can work from any computer, fully compatible with any type of software;
* Speedy execution of any order;
* You will be informed of every transaction online as much as possible;
* Helpdesk operation at any time of the day or night;
* Fully controlled settings;
* Help from qualified managers and advice on any questions in live communication mode;
* No special software required;
* No special software required;
* For your convenience, you can make transactions via your mobile phone;
* Handy one-on-one training program, as well as a variety of video tutorials, information articles, and a special dictionary for understanding the Forex market.The company takes care of beginner traders and helps them to understand all the nuances and subtleties of the market. Buying a good attitude, both to major players and the underdeveloped in this area. Everyone who joins the company gets a lot of knowledge and skills from qualified consultants. Those who are already developed and have a professional level in trading, are attracted by favorable conditions and numerous promotions held within the framework of special programs.

Trading Platforms

Maximarkets broker’s platforms allow you to trade in the market from anywhere in the world, because convenience and ease of use is the main key to the success of a trader. The use of time-tested platforms only gives clients confidence in making deals. Convenient functionality, including a large number of instruments, allows you to keep all transactions under control and quickly find the right one.

We will look at the main platforms of a famous broker:

1. Online is a platform. The convenience of this service lies in fast access to the market, no matter where it comes from. Be always with us, be always online, earn comfortably even on vacation. You are always aware of the latest news and market developments. Analyze and apply all your knowledge to succeed no matter where you are.
2. MetaTrader 4. The most popular and frequently used tool among traders. It is a unique standard in the world of platforms, which millions of customers trust. The complex system allows you to quickly navigate the Forex market without much effort. It’s easy to download and install this program, and using it saves a lot of time. The program already has successful strategies developed by professionals, on the basis of which you can come up with and add the necessary additions. There is also a version of this program for mobile devices.
3. Web platform MAXIMARKETS. The company has developed its own platform, which combines a huge number of advantages over other platforms. This service boasts the following services:
* Minimum rate of $500;
* The largest leverage of all possible 1:400;
* Trading in all available currencies, including silver and gold;
* Your profit remains with you only, thanks to the net withdrawal without fees;
* No additional charge for the use of the platform and its installation;
* Initial spreads from 2 points.
4. Mobile platforms. Now you can use mobile versions of the most popular MetaTrader 4 platforms and your own Maximarkets program. The online mode of these programs allows you to be in touch at any time and adjust your trades. You always have access to trading instruments and the ability to control your account. Take advantage of the opportunity to analyze the market with handy charts on your mobile device.

Trading accounts and financial transactions

To start trading you need to open an account, and register in this service. After that, you need to make a deposit of a minimum amount or higher, at your discretion.You can adjust the amount of your deposit yourself, there is no fixed rate other than the minimum of $500. Make a deposit, get expert advice from professionals and earn a lot more.
Broker company offers the following types of accounts for you to choose from:Micro – the minimum deposit is represented by the sum from 500 dollars, thus the maximum size of the transaction about 5000 dollars, the size of spreads at a leverage from 1:100 to 1:400 makes from 4 points. That’s not a very good indicator. The services offered include online chat and daytime email reviews. The number of trading instruments varies from the 31st currency pair.Mini – this account has a minimum deposit of $1,000 in which the minimum transaction is $10,000. Spread is from 3 pips.
Standard account acts – with a deposit from 5000.Gold is one of the VIP accounts, which opens more opportunities and prospects in the Forex market. His initial contribution is from $35,000. The spread starts at 2 pips, which is significantly higher and carries less risk.Platinum account is the most advantageous of all VIP accounts and includes the most advanced conditions. The difference between a gold and platinum account is only the minimum deposit of $10,000. This account is used by professionals and those who want to significantly improve their skills and move to a new level of profit.Beginners in the world of Forex, you can consider the initial level of Micro account, but it has its drawbacks. Mini account is more profitable and has a large number of instruments. It has the best conditions for a successful start of your business.Monthly earnings in Forex?
The brokerage firm makes possible the size of the transaction volume from 0.1 lot, which is the most profitable for any deposit. You can regulate the lot you need yourself, but with different amounts of money you can benefit from different lots. If you consider visually, having 20 000 dollars you will be more advantageous to use the lot from 1, you will be able to earn a decent income and withdraw a large amount of money to the account. Even if the market is not stable, the losses will be minimal.
However, with an amount of 600 dollars to use such a lot may not be very profitable, the main goal here is to get the most out of the trade. For such minimum deposits there is a deal of 0.1 lots.
It is very important that there is a short trading period, because in a couple of minutes the prices will not rise much, there will be no big changes in the market. By choosing the right leverage and the right lot you minimize the risk of loss. Most novice traders trade according to this scheme, so that the profit is immediately visible. It is this approach that will help you to increase your deposit several times and get acquainted with the world of the currency market.
An important point in trading operations is the spread, because the amount of profit and possible losses depends on it. Maximarkets provides spreads from 0.5 to 2.5. Accordingly, when opening a deal, you will do without significant losses, but on the contrary, you will stimulate the growth of your money. Depending on the market situation, the spread of other brokers increases, in Maximarkets it fluctuates in admissible values.
You can choose the leverage of 1:100, 1:200, and even 1:400, which is a very advantageous offer. And yet, you don’t have to spend money on the commission. But it should be remembered that this is a certain risk, so do not invest all your money at once. For starters, it would be wise to use a percentage of them.Any beginner trader, before starting trading, faces the question of choosing a forex broker to work effectively in the financial market. This is a time-consuming and knowledge-intensive process of sorting information and data about each broker.In view of the very knowledge that may be inaccessible to a beginner, we would advise you to take a closer look at MaxiMarkets. This forex broker has been in existence for 10 years, has been working in the market since 2008 and is known as one of the most successful forex brokers with the widest choice of strategies and options for both beginners and “venerable” professionals earning in the Forex market.

References about MaxiMarkets from traders

These words will be supported by heartfelt stories and feedback from real traders. Those who have been successfully and profitably interacting with MaxiMarkets for many years.

Forex Broker Review MaxiMarkets

“I first opened an account 3 years ago (in 2015), now I have a standard account. Over the years, I have tried and tested dozens of bonuses and special offers, which were often very useful for maintaining the deposit with high volatility. And the analytical and “training” base of MaxiMarkets helped a beginner and an average trader to improve his knowledge and skills. Personally, I have more confidence in thorough and analytical data in trading – and I am greatly assisted by a company analyst for my decisions. It’s clear that you have to think with your head, too, so you don’t have to fall into the minus. Because, apart from analytics and training, it is important for trading – speed and transparency of operations, and conditions, spreads, execution. And here’s my feedback on MaxiMarkets, too: it works clearly, there are many strategy options, I’m satisfied.”

Other review

“I am convinced that Forex does not like “sharp as a bullet” movements and uncalculated spontaneous decisions. In order to trade successfully and profitably here, one should either be a god in the financial markets or have sufficient analytical tools and a group of experts nearby. Which you can, if something is unclear or seems doubtful, seek advice and guidance. That’s why I think that MaxiMarkets is the ideal choice for a “novice collar”. For example, I trade a minimum lot, although I was told by professional traders that this is quite risky. I didn’t invest a lot of money at first, because I wanted to understand the work of the broker “inside” and to find out whether I can trust this broker, MaxiMarkets, or not. As a result, I even at my “minimum” very good money. Now I’m slowly building up my deposit, still at no risk. And I’m happy with everything, my review of MaxiMarkets is a solid plus.”

Other review

“I’m for analytics! I like the analyst at MaxiMarkets – I use the so-called “trading signals” constantly, and I get profit from it. Although not always: let’s say, 8-9 out of ten signals exactly give an income, ie, in fact, the deposit is always with an increase in profit. It is important to understand that signals, strategies and trading methodology may not always be the same. So, of course, I’m relying not only on signals and analytics, but also on my brains and instincts. But let’s say I’m not exactly new to the market and I’m quite familiar with the market situation. But if someone is not quite sure of themselves, then all sorts of tips from Expert Advisors, analysts and even webinars from MaxiMarkets will help to understand everything. Therefore, I recommend this forex broker to everyone, regardless of the level of trader’s training.”

Other review

“What pleased me was that MaxiMarkets is a very worthy and regular webinars, where everything that a beginner and even an experienced trader need is explained simply and clearly. The hearing is only on the case, without water or self-praise, as with other brokers (I know the case). At my service – and free of charge – market connoisseurs, news and special knowledge, all sorts of know-how, life skills, experience, dozens of different and reliable strategies. Then, applying all this to my trade, I act more confidently and understand more where and how to earn money. Very pleased.”

Other review

“MaxiMarkets Forex Broker Review can be made as short as possible: honest, innovative, transparent. I haven’t had any problems with MaxiMarkets in 1.5 years of cooperation. The platform doesn’t slow down, it works fast. Trading can be done either online or from a desktop version of the platform. Constantly adding new chips and new instruments to the terminal, the guys are constantly working to improve the trading conditions, all in dynamics, the company and its services are improving. And here is an example in comparison with other brokers: on MaxiMarkets the output on the card takes me a maximum of 5 hours, and other brokers have 2-3 days.”

MaxiMarkets Analytics

Forex trading depends on changes in the exchange rate of currencies and precious metals. Analytics allows you to predict all changes in these rates, thanks to which the trader earns and increases his profit. MaxiMarkets Broker provides all its clients with analytical data developed by specialists in this field. These are quality daily, weekly and monthly forecasts.
Broker MaxiMarkets provides you with an Autochartist tool that enables automated technical analysis on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The capabilities of this program include the recognition of indicators, graphical figures, figures of Fibonacci, including those determined as soon as they are created, and already created.The program helps to make the right decision based on this data. There is an analysis of key levels in the system, which makes it possible to set limits. If the service sees a figure, it immediately reports it. This tool is mainly used by VIP clients and traders who are well acquainted with the market.You should know that Maximarkets broker prohibits the use of technical systems or robots for fast automated trading, it violates the rules of trading and is an unfair way to make a profit. The company detects and stops such ways of trading in every possible way.

Educational base or how easy is it to achieve success?

Beginning traders find it difficult to understand the whole system of Forex market operation, which is why the broker MaxiMarkets provides such a program. It is developed by experienced specialists in the world of financial markets. Few brokerage firms boast a complete and understandable educational base. MaxiMarkets tries to bring all the nuances of working in the market to the novice players as best as possible. Earning money is quite real, even with a small start-up capital.Products and minuses of self-study in Forex
Vebinars on the topic of Forex and work on it, are gaining popularity. Every day seminars are held online from the most successful participants of the currency market. They share their secrets and schemes with you, tell you about all kinds of risks and how to avoid them. There’s nothing better than years of professional experience.Newly, it has been possible to gather entire classrooms, where each participant has the opportunity to receive individual training and advice on all issues. Your specialist will not only teach you how to earn money, but also accompany you during the conclusion of all transactions, as well as help in solving disputable situations. It’s more than a professional contribution to the cause, which can bring in a lot of money.The Exchange provides articles and training materials for self-study, where the course of trading transactions is provided, thanks to which you will understand the main key of trading and will be able to make correct decisions independently.Forex players can view a video that provides advice on trading processes. All these stages of education, step by step, lead the novice player to success and professionalism.

Actions and bonuses from Maximarkets

To attract and reward customers, the company creates special promotions and bonuses. Let’s take a look at the most popular bonus programs and what they are:
1. The most popular bonus is “Advise Us to a Friend”, which allows you to invite your friends and get 15% of their deposits. The company gets new customers, and you get a reward in the form of money. But it’s not that simple, there are separate rules that must be followed. You can not receive money from already registered friends, are not considered new and those who have a second account in the system.
As well as such a bonus is provided only to those who register through MaxMarkets, and not through other brokerage companies. Cancellation of the bonus occurs in the event that the administration of the company notices fictitious attempts to get remuneration.
2. Beginners are offered a “Bonus from the Company”: activate your trading account and get 30% on deposit. This is how it works, you deposit a certain amount of money, and you add 30% of it to your account. The minimum amount to activate this bonus is $1,000. It can be obtained only by performing the set number of trading operations, each of which lasts for at least three minutes. The share is not permanent and has a limited validity period.
3. “100% deposit insurance” – provides a unique opportunity for 100% insurance of all trader’s transactions. The sum insured equals the sum of all losses at the end of transactions, but cannot exceed 100% of the insured funds.
4. The “Double Strike” campaign provides an opportunity for customers to double their profits in case of winning. In case of loss, he will return the money that was in the account before the participation. Only those who have applied in advance can participate in the competition. Money can be received after confirmation of identity.
5. Royal Bonus is a special kind of bonuses for VIP clients, aimed at increasing the efficiency of work. This is a special incentive for growth and development in the foreign exchange market. Bonuses ranging from 30% to 100% depending on the time of their withdrawal. This program is possible only when opening an additional trading account.

Company Reviews

If you carefully consider the official website of the brokerage company MaxiMarkets, we will find many positive videos with reviews. The clients’ survey is conducted by representatives of the broker.
Customers note that the work on the market is quite difficult, but with such a partner as Maximarkets you can easily understand all the nuances and reach a decent level of trading. Many traders emphasize the excellent analytics, thank you for the clear training materials and for the work that the company invests in the development of the business.
In our world it is difficult to find a conscientious forex broker, with whom it will be easy and enjoyable to work, but MaxiMarkets is distinguished by these qualities. There are a lot of risks in such hard work as the currency market, but the company knows how to minimize them, and teaches its clients in the same way.If you read the feedback on forums and social networks, you will find that there are different opinions about the broker. Quite a lot of positive feedback and comments, clients are satisfied with the work of the intermediary and absolutely trust him.But there is also a downside to the medal, with some traders complaining about the lottery and loss of funds. The reason for such reviews may be that novice traders do not want to be trained, do not carefully read the terms of the shares.It should be noted that competitors can write negative reviews, because the Forex market is very competitive, there is a fierce struggle for each client. Some forex brokers want to show their best side by blackening their competitors. One such example shows how to lure customers to the right company.Like these reviews are common, and everyone believes them blindly, without even knowing that they may be fake people who are simply paid money. Although, it is possible that some may be dissatisfied, because everyone has their own position and idea of the ideal broker.

Can I trust you?

Always there will be both positive and negative opinions, this is due to the fact that all people are different, and that for some good, for others the deception. Blindly relying on online feedback is not a good idea. It is enough to study in detail the information and working conditions of the broker, and to draw conclusions about his competence. New players in the currency market, often, can not deal with all the nuances in this environment, which is why they are looking for a responsible broker. To find it, you need to understand which conditions are right for you and whether MaxiMarkets fits your requirements.We need to evaluate all aspects of collaboration, and only then make a choice about cooperation. I can safely recommend MaxiMarkets as a proven (including my own) broker and quite attractive conditions.