Today I want to introduce you
you with a Tma Cg channel indicator
Mladen. There are a lot of tools for market analysis of this type. But most of them…
of which involve opening trade orders when the price rebounds from one of
of the channel lines. The indicator we’re talking about today is working a little
differently. One is a three-way channel. They are twice smoothed moving averages. Therefore, on the chart we will not see any sharp bends of the lines.

tma cg mladen channel indicator. market entry signals.

MT4 installation and parameters

No features on installation in the trading terminal Tma Cg Mladen. We’re doing it according to the standard scheme. In the settings of important
a little bit of parameters. Name the main ones:Time Frame – time frame;Price – price;Bands Deviations – deviation
channel lines.The other parameters concern the setting of sound notifications about the appearance of signals to open trading positions.

Trade by indicator signals

This indicator allows
to open trades after a false breach of the channel. I mean, the market entry is happening,
when the price breaks through one of the lines of the channel and then returns to it. They’re like this.
the indicator marks the situation on the chart with crosses of blue and red color. How practice shows, good results can be obtained by trading in a horizontal channel. When placing a stop-loss, we focus on local extrema. Profit is fixed when the price approaches the opposite channel line. It is also possible to close a part of the order when the price of the middle line is touched.I want to draw your attention to the fact that you cannot trade only on the signals of this indicator. But it will be a very useful tool in combination with another indicator. Let’s consider an example of such “cooperation” between two market analysis tools.

tma cg mladen channel indicator. market entry signals.

As we see, the indicator Tma Cg Mladen has given a sell signal
(blue sprocket) when the stochastics have left the overbought area. It’s, uh… it’s, uh…
means you can open a sell order. Then, uh…
there was a buy signal (red star) and it was confirmed
a stochastic. His line was leaving the oversold area. Maybe instead of stochastic
to use any other indicator. That’s your choice. The work of the channel indicator we are talking about today should be tested on a demo account. It will be suitable for trading any currency pairs and on different timeframes. Demo account will help to choose the optimal trading instrument, TF and additional indicator.tma-cg-mladenDownloadFyodorov’s Inga27.03.2019