The more precisely the future direction of price movement will be predicted, the better the trading results will be. However, quality forecasting is not an easy task. The Time Freezer indicator will help to solve it. It was originally designed to trade binary options. According to the traders’ feedback, this market analysis tool shows a very good work. So I thought I’d introduce you to him. It may be a useful tool in your binary options trading. The algorithm of Time Freezer indicator includes complex formulas that allow you to predict with high accuracy the direction of price movement in the near future. Buying an option in this direction has a great chance of success. If to formulate the principle of the indicator’s work is quite simple, it consists in comparison of the past price movements with the current market situation. And if there are signs of similarity, we can assume what will happen in the market next.

Time Freezer Settings

After installation in the trading terminal, it will not prevent you from optimizing
Indicator parameters. There’s only five of them.The quality of the forecasts will largely depend on a parameter called ProbabilityLevel. Permissible values: from 1 to 100. It is necessary to take into account the existing dependence. The higher the value of this parameter, the more accurate the forecast will be. However, we will have to wait a long time for its formation. If you specify a small value of ProbabilityLevel, there will be many opportunities to purchase options. But you should be ready for a lot of losing trades.The Freeze parameter allows you to “freeze” the chart. That’s what I’m saying.
is after the purchase of the option on the basis of the received signal the indicator stops
calculations until the expiry of the expiry date. It’s done for convenience.
trader. In order for the chart to have time, it is necessary
activate the ShowTime. parameterExpirationTim is the expiry time. Well, the last parameter is AlertOn. The indicator can alert you with an audible signal that it is time to buy the option.

Indicator signals

Time Freezer chart will look like this:

time freezer - indicator for binary options

As we can see, Time Freezer indicator gives a signal to buy put option. He’s predicting a price drop. At the same time, it indicates the probability of execution of its forecast – 86.65%. Tall enough. The trader needs to determine for himself the minimum interest that will be considered for the possible purchase of the option. For example, it could be 70% or more. This and other parameters should be selected based on the results of testing different variants. The demo account will help you do the job.TimeFreezerDownloadFyodorov’s Inga21.08.2019