Three common mistakes of novice traders

Three common mistakes of novice traders

Three common mistakes of novice traders Not everyone who came to the market to make money achieves this goal. There can be a lot of reasons. They can be grouped into three main groups. This is a lack of knowledge, experience and improper attitude to trading. Those novice traders who will show perseverance and patience will eventually begin to earn steady revenue. However, this will take a long time and effort.

To pass the trial and error period faster, you can use the advice and advice of experienced traders. I’ll tell you about some of them today. It has long been observed that almost all newcomers to the market make three mistakes that lead to loss of funds and disappointment in trading as a way of earning.

Ignoring information

Some novice traders do not attach importance to operational information related to the market and news from those countries whose currencies they trade. They are not interested in deep analytics. Transactions are opened based on signals of one indicator or in general intuitively. With this in the approach, the loss of funds is almost guaranteed. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to constantly use several high-quality sources of information. You can start with one or two, gradually adding new resources.

A reasonable amount of analytics

If you overreact to the implementation of the previous advice, then a new problem may arise – an excess of analytical information. Excessive enthusiasm for a large number of analytical reviews creates a “porridge” in the trader’s head. In such a situation making a competent trading decision becomes a difficult task, and the likelihood of profitable trading decreases. The trader needs to identify and work with several credible sources of information. But it takes time. And for it to be, the novice trader should abandon intraday trading. In addition, it is not recommended to trade in multiple currency pairs at once. To begin with, you need to study one of them well.


Often novice traders are trying to figure out the trade on their own. They spend a lot of time reading books, articles and watching videos. Of course, all this will bring him concrete benefits. But the process of mastering trading can be accelerated if you understand trade with other traders. Communication on forums and social networks allows you to quickly get answers to emerging questions.

Naturally, just what I told you today is not enough for profitable trading. But these are the issues that any newcomer can solve market.

Inga Fedorova


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