EU member states have exchanged views on the next
to reschedule the Brexit date.
The reason for this was an official request from London. The truth is, it was made
against the wishes of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government. He couldn’t have.
to go against a law that had previously been urgently passed by the British
by the Parliament. The document obliged the government to ask Brussels to postpone Brexit if the agreement with the EU
will not be approved by the British Parliament.Boris Johnson said he had to accept a deferral. At the same time, he asked the European Union not to allow such a situation to happen again. The British prime minister believes that it is impossible to resolve the issue of the country’s exit from the European Union with the current parliament. Therefore, elections should be held in December to renew its composition. He made this proposal to Parliament on Monday night. However, the House of Commons rejected it by a majority vote. Boris Johnson has once again failed.28.10.2019