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being sober sucks

This isn’t intended to be the setup for a joke, that’s how it happens. The first drink you take in your life or the first time you get drunk doesn’t make you an alcoholic. It takes time and hundreds upon hundreds of drinks which follow that first one. Some substances are known to overtake a person the first time they use it.

Drunks make people feel awkward.

Please remember that you have already achieved great things in your life for you and those surrounding you. By choosing to be sober, you have given so much, changed so many aspects of your life. And even more quickly, once again alcohol ends up getting a hold on you. Before you realise it, you have that feeling of being back to square one, wondering what you ever saw in drinking, yet here you are back to drinking.

How you deal with this one is you use it and you own it and you live it, because there is nothing more beautiful than a human who has no other choice but to be themself. But this, I’ve learned, being sober sucks is a beautiful thing. Like that guy from that probably stolen Dane Cook sketch, drunk people just “gotta dance.” A couple beers and everyone is oblivious to their surroundings.

that boring feeling from being sober sucks

(I am speaking from personal experience, maybe yours is different). Remember and use your tools that you have already used to win over these feelings. If you are contemplating that being sober sucks, try and focus on the reasons that you became sober in the first place. Focus on the positive things that being sober brings with it. If you are tired, take some time out to rest, or even do the opposite and wake yourself up with some light exercise.