the head of the bank of england gave a speech in the british parliament

Mark Carney, Head of the Bank of England
gave a speech in the British Parliament. His speech was dedicated to the exit
countries from the European Union. An undesirable option was also being considered – Brexit without
Transactions. Mark Carney said that the Bank
England is ready to take the necessary measures to support the country’s economy in
against the background of Brexit. He noted, however, that the Committee on
the monetary policy will not make decisions automatically. It’s gonna be…
is based on a thorough analysis of the situation.Mark Carney doesn’t rule out the possibility of an increase
of the base interest rate. If the British pound’s exchange rate drops sharply, it’s
will increase inflationary pressure. Which will cause the bet to rise.The Head of the Bank of England also
said the Central Bank was hoping for a Brexit agreement.
And based on that, he makes his own predictions. At the same time, the position of financial markets
different. They estimate the probability of Brexit without a deal rather highly and therefore already put this factor into the
asset prices. The Bank of England is ready to change its forecasts if it becomes obvious
that the “rigid” option of the UK’s exit from the European Union will be implemented
of the union. If the Government were to make progress in the negotiations with the
Brussels, the current forecasts of the Bank of England will be relevant.