One of the important conditions for successful trading is the tracking of news that can have a serious impact on currency rates. It is necessary to do it even for those traders who prefer technical analysis in their trading. There are no problems with getting the news. It is provided by many resources, including brokerage companies. But you can just forget to look at the calendar. To prevent this from happening, I recommend you to use a very useful and convenient program called Forex News Sites.

Forex News Sites Installation

To start downloading the program file. You can do this on the website of its developer: Next, we install the program on our computer just as we do with any other software. Then we launch it. We’ll see the program window:

the forex news sites program will sound the news release

To avoid any confusion with the time, you need to set it according to the time zone in which you live. This can be done using the menu item “Settings”. It can be seen in the upper right pane.

Program functions

The main window displays the news. There is information about when the news item will be released and how important it is to the market (high, medium or low). In addition, the previous value of the economic indicator and the forecast, if any, are indicated.You can work with the settings to make sure that the program only gives you the information you need. For example, you can specify which news you are interested in: all or only “important” news. You can also mark certain currency pairs, and then the program will display only the news that are important for this particular trading instrument.To make it easier for you to hear the news, you can click on the Impact button. They will be colored in different colors: red is very important news, orange is medium importance news, yellow is low importance news. Maybe there’s a white color, too. This will happen if the news item is not an economic indicator (holiday or political event).Also be sure to specify when you want to be reminded of a news release with an audio signal (in minutes before the message is published). In the settings, you can choose the right sound so it doesn’t irritate.While the program interface is in English, it is intuitive. I think it won’t be a problem even for those traders who aren’t English friendly.The program Forex News Sites can be a good help for a trader. Try and see for yourself. Fyodorov’s Inga19.08.2019