the european union is ready to grant a deferral on brexitBrexit-related events have developed rapidly in the last month. Boris Johnson did manage to make changes to the terms of the deal and agree them with Brussels. But that’s where his “victories” ended. He did not receive the necessary approval of the agreement from the British parliament and was forced to send a request to the EU to postpone the date of the country’s exit from the European Union.European Ambassadors agreed on the need to provide a deferral. They are convinced that Brexit, without an agreement, will cause considerable damage to both the UK and the bloc.A discussion on the duration of the deferral is currently under way. Most of the EU ambassadors believe that it should have a three-month period, that is, a new date Brexit – January 31 next year. However, France has a different opinion. She believes that the delay should be of a technical nature, and therefore be shorter. There was also a proposal for a so-called floating deferral. This means that it will automatically expire if a draft agreement is approved. First of all, it is about the British Parliament’s consent to the deal.Which specific decision the EU will take on postponement will be known in the coming days.