The tool of technical analysis of the market, which I want to talk about today, allows the trader to determine the optimal levels for opening trades. The AMA trend indicator is an adaptive moving average. It differs from the usual MA in its calculation formula. It changes depending on the dynamics of quotes in the market. With strong movements, the AMA period is shortened, which increases the sensitivity of the indicator and improves the quality of the signals. And vice versa. With weak movements, the AMA period grows. The indicator does not react to minor price fluctuations. Thus, it excludes the influence of noise when forming signals on the opening of trade deals.

Installation and adjustment of the indicator

Indicator installation scheme in the trading terminal –
standard. The two indicator files you will find in the archive need to
to copy. Then place them in the MT4 folder called “Indicators”.
It can be found in the “MQL4” folder. In order for the AMA indicator to appear in
of the trading terminal, it needs to be reset. You can do that in “Navigator.”
right-click on the “Indicators” menu item and then press “Update”.Parameters in the settings are a little bit: periodAMA, nfast, nslow, G
and dk.
With the help of the first four variables you can specify the MA period. Number of points on
is defined by the dk.On the chart AMA is a line with dots. They can be blue or yellow.

Rules of opening trading positions

Purchase transactions are considered if the adaptive MA
is directed upwards, and the price is higher than it is. At the same time, the following appears on the chart
blue dot. It is recommended to close the order when the chart shows
yellow dot. The other option is when the price crosses the line from top to bottom, and
the candle closes below MA.Buying example:Sell orders can be opened if the adaptive moving average is directed downwards and the price is below it. A yellow dot appears on the chart. Close the trade when a blue point appears or if the price crosses the line upwards and the candlestick closes above MA.Trend AMA indicator does not require deep market knowledge. Even a novice trader will be able to use it in trading. However, before using this instrument on a live account, it is necessary to test its performance in demo trading.indikator_amaDownloadFyodorov’s Inga24.07.2019