teresa may spoke in the british parliament

British Prime Minister Theresa Mae spoke in Parliament. Her speech was devoted to negotiations with Brussels on the withdrawal of the country from the European Union. May, in particular, said she did not rule out their total failure. According to her, if an agreement with the European Union is not reached, London intends to introduce customs, tax and excise duties on goods from Europe. Nevertheless, the British Prime Minister hopes that negotiations with Brussels will proceed in a constructive manner. They will be completed in due time with a positive result for both parties.

Thérèse May also met with representatives of business and large banks. The agenda was “successful brexit”. In the course of this meeting, British businessmen expressed fears about the lack of free access of foreign specialists to work in the UK after Brexit. However, Teresa May assured them that a two-year transition period would be envisaged to address all possible problems. CEOs of companies and banks have asked the Prime Minister to intensify the negotiations on the main terms of the “Brexit” to be completed within the investment cycle, i.e. by the end of the year.