Star in this article, can be useful for a trader to determine the best points to open trading positions. It is very easy to use. Therefore, the indicator will suit entrepreneurs of any level of professionalism. Star refers to universal technical analysis tools, as it can be used in trading any currency pair and within different time frameworks. There are no features to install the pointer in MT4. We do everything according to the standard instructions. The signal creation algorithm contains an analysis of readings of 16 moving averages. A large number of MA allows you to improve the quality of signals, which contributes to improving the performance of the trader’s trade. And now I’m going to talk about the settings.


The work of this indicator can be optimized. But to do this, you need to understand what its variables mean.

star indicator to determine entry points

xSpeed-Factor and Fibo-Factor – parameters with which you can set the odds. They will be taken into account at the arches of buildings. Filter-Pips allows you to configure the filter for signals generated by the Star indicator. Show-Spectrum-13 is an option that allows you to enable or disable the price mapping of a currency pair of moving averages with a short period. Spectrum-68-Mode and Spectrum-13-Mode – these variables are used to select the MA type for both long curves and short curves. You can also select the type of price that will be used when creating curves. To do this, you need to use spectrum-68-price and spectrum-13-price parameters.

Signal Trading Indicator

When you set up on the chart we will see something like this image:

star indicator to determine entry points

All that is required of the trader, so it is to track the appearance of the arrow. As soon as we see the arrow in blue, pointing up – buy. Therefore, the white arrow, pointing down, can be considered a signal for sale. As you can see, the Star indicator has very simple conditions for opening trading orders. By the way, it can also be used to close active transactions. We do this as soon as the reverse signal appears. Despite its simplicity, use the indicator in a real trading account can only be obtained by confirming its effectiveness in trading demo. The additional filter indicator also does not hurt. File indicator can be downloaded at this link: Star Indicator Inga Fedorova 101 001 18.10.2020 Star Indicator Record for determining entry points for the first time appeared journal for Forex traders