The Simpler Trend indicator is designed to identify optimal market entry points. It shows quite high efficiency. This analysis tool is very easy to use. Therefore, the indicator will suit even traders with very little trading experience. To begin with, it must be installed in the trading platform MT4. To do this, we copy the indicator file and send it to the Indicators folder. Let me remind you, it is located in the folder MQL4 the program directory. After rebooting the terminal, set the Simpler Trend indicator to the graph the currency pair to be used for trading. Then you need to optimize its settings.

Simpler Trend parameters

This indicator has only five configurable parameters. But only two of them can affect the quality of signals. The most important variable is Average-period. Use this parameter to tell the indicator which period to use in the calculations. It will be different for each timeframe. The second variable that also requires attention trader is Sensitivity. It is responsible for the sensitivity level of the indicator. The smaller the value of this parameter, the more signals will be, but at the same time their quality will be worse. Accordingly, and vice versa. A higher value of the variable will reduce the number of signals, but you can trust them more. The remaining three parameters do not play a special role. They are designed to set up alerts when a signal enters the market.

Trading rules

This is what the indicator on the currency price chart looks like pairs:

The Simpler Trend indicator reports a change in the market trend using color. If you see that the color of the graph has changed from green to red, then this is the signal for opening a sales order. If after some period of time the color of the graph changed from red to green, then we close the previously opened sell deal and open a purchase warrant. Despite this simplicity, Simpler Trend, like any other indicator, requires pre-testing in demo trading. Before In total, it is necessary to verify the effectiveness of the settings. If it turns out that the indicator generates a lot of false signals, then you need to try to change the period and sensitivity. SIMPLER TREND Indicator can be used in trading by any currency pairs and on different timeframes. Download The indicator file can be downloaded by this link: Simpler_Trend Inga Fedorova 10.10.2021 Recording Signal Forex The Simpler Trend indicator first appeared