Today I want to offer you another market analysis tool – the RSI Accumulated indicator. From the title, it can be understood that it is an improved version of the popular RSI indicator. Its optimization made it possible to achieve more accurate signals. The RSI Accumulated file must be downloaded and installed in the MT4 trading platform. This indicator can be called universal, because there are no restrictions on its use. After installing the TRADE terminal, you must open a tab with the parameters and, possibly, Change them. To begin with, I will tell about the variables that are in the settings of the indicator. Time-Frame-to-Use – here you need to specify which timeframe will be used in trade. The indicator will generate signals for it to enter the market. As I wrote above, the algorithm of this market analysis instrument is the RSI indicator. Using the RSI-Period-to-Use variable you need to set it. Next parameter – Price-to-Use. It is intended to register the type of price of the traded currency pair. . RSI-Price-Filter – This variable allows you to adjust the degree of indicator signal filtering. The higher its value, the more accurate there will be signals. But there will be little. Accordingly, on the contrary. The remaining parameters that are in the settings do not matter, since they do not affect the quality of the signals. They relate to the display of the line of the indicator and the methods of alerts on the formation of a market situation favorable to open a trade order.

Conditions for entering the market

like this looks like RSI Accumulated Indicator on Currency Couple Prices: The main line can be painted in three colors: black, green and red. If it changed its color from black to green, this is a signal to open the BUY order. If the line color has changed from black on red, you can open the SELD order. As you can see, read the signals are very easy. It can even make a trader who just began to trade on the market. Decide on the closure of the trade order also You can use this indicator. If a purchase transaction is open, close it when the signal appears on the sale. If a transaction is open for sale, then close it when the signal appears. Like any other TEXANALIA tool, the RSI Accumulated indicator requires testing to the demo account. In the same period, it is necessary to choose an additional indicator to improve the efficiency of trading. Download Indicator file: RSI_ACcumulated Inga Fedorova 12.12.2021 Record Indicator RSI Accumulated for the first time appeared .