Reviews on LexaTrade, disclosing scammers and taking care of the interests of customers

When choosing a broker, we usually take into account many factors. We check its credibility established, we suggest the opinions of other users. LexaTrade is an entity that has been quite loud recently. The broker has been operating on the market since 2018 and is part of swiss group Swisstone Group Ltd. The broker allows various financial instruments, provides interesting trading tools, so it is worth taking a closer look at it. 

Reviews on LexaTrade, disclosing scammers and taking care of the interests of customers

Is LexaTrade a scam?

Many investors may be concerned that LexaTrade is registered in the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This place is considered a tax haven, due to weak legal regulations. However, this is not enough reason to conclude that LexaTrade is a fraudster. The broker has never received any penalties or sanctions from the KNF (Financial Supervision Commission). Positive reviews and comments on online forums are also trusted. 

LexaTrade not only offers its customers a friendly platform with interesting tools, but also provides fahc help in case of questions, problems or doubts. Consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which only indicates the broker's great professionalism. LexaTrade is well suited for both beginners and advanced traders. We find here a lot of training materials and an up-to-date database of statistics. 

Reviews on LexaTrade, disclosing scammers and taking care of the interests of customers

LexaTrade login and mobile app

Traders wishing to trade via LexaTrade must first register with the website. The process is simple and fast. Please complete the registration form consisting fields such as first name, address, email, or phone number. The broker will certainly also ask us to confirm your identity. You will need to include a scan of your ID or passport. 

After authorization, we will have full access to any tools and services offered on your account type. We have a choice of as many as five, from the most basic to the VIP account, created for the most demanding investors. Also particularly noteworthy is the practical and easy-to-use Android and iOS mobile app, called XCTRITICAL. It offers access to MT4 with MT5 and a dedicated LexaTrade platform.

Moreover, by registering with LexaTrade we can count on a bonus of 30% of the first deposit and bonuses for recommending new users. All details of the action are available on the website. The level of safety is maintained here at the highest level. Investors can sleep peacefully, without worrying about their funds in their accounts. The minimum payout value here is $50, the equivalent of which is also paid in the following currencies:

  • Polish Gold
  • Euro
  • Pound Sterling

Polish traders also have the opportunity to use the Przelewy24 service, which serves most Polish banks. 

Reviews on LexaTrade, disclosing scammers and taking care of the interests of customers

LexaTrade – withdrawals, fees and commissions

According to most LexaTrade clients, withdrawals take place on time and without interruption. In case of problems, be sure, you can count on the prompt and professional help of online consultants. There are no payment fees charged, only standard service charges apply. However, it is worth noting that in case of inactivity of users for more than 90 days, 5% of the balance value is charged. The same applies to customers who do not make at least 4 transactions within a month. Of course, all details and fees are contained in the terms and conditions on the LexaTrade website. Investors also often wonder how to get your money back from LexaTrade in case the trade ended not in our mind? Here already a lot depends on the cause of failure. It is rare that the fault lies with the broker. 

When deciding to invest in the financial market, we need to be aware of the risks they are in. This applies primarily to novice traders who do not have experience, are guided by emotions, fear, bravado, and not knowledge. The success of transactions is often determined by success. At the time of the loss of money, many of them are trying to recover their funds, even though they have no rights to do so. It is worth remembering and managing your budget and risk wisely. 

Reviews on LexaTrade, disclosing scammers and taking care of the interests of customers

LexaTrade – scam warning

Taking under the magnifying glass of the lexa trade broker, you can quickly notice a number of positive features:

  • A well-developed online platform, offering access to the trading calculator and a constantly updated database of statistics. 
  • The ability to invest in stocks, bonds, forex market, commodities and many other financial products. 
  • Leverage up to 1:3000
  • Excellent and professional bottom bracket

The broker builds its authority through a rich offer of services, as confirmed by numerous, positive comments on the forum. LexaTrade does not appear to be a scammer because it clearly and clearly outlines its operating methodologies, mechanisms and fees. Accusations of money laundering, manipulation or scams usually do not concern LexaTrade, but Agricole Trade. It is a separate entity that is often associated with LexaTrade. It doesn't have a very good reputation, so it's a good idea to check brokers carefully before starting a collaboration. 

LexaTrade is certainly a place where both beginners and more experienced investors can cope. A variety of functions and tools allows for in-depth market analysis, building interesting strategies and carrying out various transactions. It is also worth mentioning that LexaTrade operates on the basis of ECN technology. It is therefore merely an intermediary between clients and the financial market and does not participate directly in the process of quoting funds or placing orders by investors.