results of the us federal reserve system meeting (19-20 june 2019)

The Fed’s manual
decided not to change the interest rate. It was kept at the level
2.25-2.5 percent. It wasn’t a surprise for the markets. Most of them…
Analysts and economists expected this to be the solution. It was taken almost
unanimously. It’s just that…
The head of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
James Bullard voted against it. In his opinion, the bet
it’s necessary to reduce it by 0.25 percentage points.The Fed’s statement notes that the incoming
economic statistics show a slight deterioration. Especially when it comes to
inflation and capital expenditure growth rates of companies.In a press conference that took place after the end of the
of the meeting, the head of the US Federal Reserve Board, Jerome Powell, said that expectations regarding the GDP dynamics
countries remain positive. However, the Central Bank is ready to reduce interest rates,
if it’s necessary to support the American economy. Negative.
the consequences of trade tension may appear in the near future.Federal Reserve System maintained growth forecast
of the country’s economy this year at the level of 2.1 percent. And the forecast for
GDP growth in 2020 was raised to 2 per cent. Inflation forecast for 2019
the year was reduced from 1.8 to 1.5 percent.