report manager for testing expert advisors

Trading with Expert Advisors has a number of advantages. But before you start to trade for real money, you need to test their work. To do this, you can use both third-party programs and the built-in MT4 tester. But sometimes a trader connects 2-3 Expert Advisors to his trading account or uses one robot to trade several currency pairs. It is not difficult to see how the Expert Advisor works for each and every chosen trading instrument in the tester. But how to determine the probable total for all currency pairs or Expert Advisors? Solve this problem and Report Manager will help. I want to tell you about him today.

How to work with the program

To start you need to install Report Manager on your computer. Next, you will need to get test reports for each of the currency pairs or several Expert Advisors connected to your trading account. To do this, after completion of testing in the MT4 Strategy Tester, go to the tab called “Report”. Then right-click to open the menu and select “Save as report”. Each report file should have a name. They will be saved in HTML.After the work on
all reports are saved, you can open Report Manager.And now we do the following:click File, and then Open Reports;further with the Ctrl key
select the previously saved reports and click “Open”, and then Shift+Enter.When all this is done,
we’ll see a new line in the program window, except for the test reports.
It will be highlighted in color.To see
general and detailed report on the work of the Expert Advisor on several pairs or several
advisors, click on this line twice. The following window will appear
graph and indicators, including profit/loss, balance, drawdown, etc. This one…
the report can be saved for further use with it. That’s why you have to press
button called “Save Selected Report”. The Report Manager program is very easy to use and can be very useful for the trader. The analysis of the general trading report allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the used Expert Advisors and, if necessary, to make adjustments to the choice of advisors or currency pairs. I recommend that you pay attention to this program if it is relevant to you.Fyodorov’s Inga08.04.2019