I already affected this topic in my articles. But it is so important that additional information will definitely not hurt. You can have a good, at first glance, a trading strategy. But if the trader will give little attention to pay risks, then sooner or later the money will be lost. Many years of trader experience has shown that Risk Reduction is one of the most important tasks for any trader. In this article I will offer you methods with which you can significantly reduce The probability of large losses in the market trade. Perhaps with some of them you are already familiar. Nevertheless, it is possible that you will find for yourself and something new or just forgotten. Well, for those who only came to the market, the article will certainly be useful.

How to reduce trading risks

To begin with, I will remind you, in fact, axiom. Open trading transactions are needed along the trend. Trade against trend, of course possible. But for this you need to get a fairly extensive experience in trading, becoming a professional. N. We must rush to open an order after breaking the price price. To reduce risks, it is necessary to wait to return the course to the punched level and the abnormality from it. At the opening of trading on Monday, anything can happen. Therefore, it is better not to hurry to open a trading deal. We must wait when the situation is cleared. should not be in a hurry with the opening of the trend warrant. If even the market is observed all signs of it, it is necessary to open a deal after the first rollback of the price. open an order for Sale on the background of the rapid fall of the market, too, can not be called the right solution. The price reduction may stop at any time, and then the trader will count its losses. is useful to install a sliding medium with a period of 200. It is considered key in trading. The territory of the graph below MA 200 belongs to “Medvedes”, and the area is above this moving average – “bulls”. And you must always remember. In most cases, GEP in the direction of the price is the signal about the continuation of the trend. But at the same time the price can close the gap. If the volumes have grown sharply, then, with a high probability, a strong movement will be short-term. A downward trend, as a rule, is very fast. At the same time, the reversal of the market after it is slow. Ascending trend, on the contrary, lasts longer, and prices rise at a slower pace. However, the reversal of the market after it is often sharp. Risk Reduction – Completely Essential Task for Any Trader, if approaching it Maximum seriously. Inga Fedorova 18.12.2021 Recording Risk reduction in the Forex market for the first time appeared forex-for-you.ru.