The Skdon trend signal indicator can be a successful addition to or even a basis for your trading strategy. So I recommend that you pay attention to him. This analysis tool is designed for trading on the trend movement. If a flat is observed in the market, its signals should be ignored.

Installation and adjustment of the indicator

Full indicator file downloaded is installed in MT4 as standard Installation instructions here. There are only two parameters in the settings:

  • MA Method – type of moving average, the readings of which are the basis of the indicator work;
  • MA Period is her period.

The second parameter affects the degree of indicator sensitivity. It is recommended to specify a small value for large timeframes. For small TFs the value of the parameter should be increased.

It is necessary to work with the settings and choose the optimal variant according to the strategy type and currency pair volatility.

Indicator Skdon trend signal can be used in trading any currency pair and on any timeframes.

By the way, it is not redrawn, which is a strong advantage of this tool of market situation analysis.

Trade position opening signals

They are very simple. It will not be difficult to open a deal even for a beginner trader.Look at the chart:

The signal to open a BUY order is the blue arrow, the bars of the indicator are also colored blue.

The signal to open a SELL order is the appearance of a red arrow, the bars of the indicator become red too.

If the arrows appear one by one and are close to each other, it means that the market has not decided on the direction. In such a situation, the correct solution is to refuse to enter the market.

Skdon trend signal must be filtered. To do this, you need to select an additional technical analysis tool. For example, you can use stochastics. If the blue arrow appears, if it leaves the zone, which indicates oversold, then such a buy signal can be trusted more. The sales signal (red arrow) can be confirmed by the fact that the stochastics are in an area that indicates overbought. Stochastic, of course, isn’t the only filter option. Any additional indicator of your choice can be included in the system.

Correcting parameters and filtering should be done on a demo account. And only after getting positive statistics, we can move on to real trading.Download Skdon trend signal:skdon_trend_trend_signalFyodorov’s Inga12.09.2018