Everyone who has at least a little experience in trading understands that this is a very difficult way to earn money. To succeed, you need to know a lot and be able to. And only persistent traders achieve their goal. If you read reviews of trading on forex in the network, then you can find a lot of negativity. And almost all of these reviews have a general focus. Traders who wrote them, as a rule, accuse anyone of merging deposits, but not themselves. But in fact, a considerable part of the losses is associated precisely with the mistakes of the trader himself. Therefore, if you do not want to join the ranks of losers, then you need to know what problems traders lead to negative consequences in trade. I will tell you about the most important of them today.

Desire to make a profit

A start-up trader has one goal – to make a profit as quickly as possible. In this regard, he begins to make rash trade decisions. Such a trader strives to always be in the market. He’s looking for any hint of a signal to open a deal and refuses careful analysis of market situation. Of course, this approach to trading is fraught with unpleasant consequences for the trading account. Warrants should be opened only if there is a strong signal. If not, then you should be out of the market for some time.

Studying a huge amount of theoretical information

Every trader should have a theoretical base. There’s no doubt about that. But, as they say, everything is fine. I met newcomers to the market who absorbed a huge number of books, articles and videos about trading. As a result, chaos formed in their heads. Any information must not only be read and understood, but also be able to systematize it. A novice trader does not have such skills. Therefore, for starters, it will be enough to read several books or watch a couple of video courses in order to get acquainted with basic concepts. The trader needs to spend more time trading on a demo account. And you can return to the books later, if there is such a desire.

Do not rely on analyst forecasts

In our time can be found for many resources where analytical reviews are published. Some novice traders are overly keen on reading such articles and rely on analysts’ forecasts. But it is easy to make sure that they are sometimes radically different, although the forecast is made for one currency pair. From the very beginning, I recommend developing my own ability to competently assess the market situation. This will ultimately lead to good trading results. Problems of traders I told about today, of course, they are only part of the “pitfalls” found in trading. Perhaps you yourself have already noticed that you are prevented from profitably trading. Such mindfulness can lead the trader to a successful trade very quickly. Inga Fedorova 07.08.2021 Record of Problems of Traders, which should be known for the first time appeared forex-for-you.ru.