The standard set of indicators in MT4 has such a popular tool for market analysis as RSI. But today I want to tell you about his optimized version. Precise Forex indicator for market entry Delta RSI builds its forecasts based on the readings of two relative strength indexes, which have different parameters in the settings. It’s a universal indicator. There are no restrictions on its use. By the way, it has also proved to be a good tool in cryptocurrency trading, which is now actively used by some traders to generate income.

Delta RSI indicator parameters

To install it in MT4 you should use the standard instruction. There are only eight parameters in the settings. Of these, four are about visual design, and we won’t stop at them.

The following parameters are important for a trader:

Fast-RSI-Period and Slow-RSI-Period are fast and slow RSI.

Signal-Level is responsible for setting the signal level.

And finally, the Bar parameter. This is the number of bars the indicator will use in its calculations.

As you can see, this precise forex indicator for market entry has very simple settings. Selection of the optimal variant of the parameter values will be available even to the beginner trader.

How you can use Delta RSI

This analysis tool helps the trader to identify the point to open a trading position. The conditions for opening trade orders are very simple.

To buy, we should wait for the crossing of the zero level from bottom to top. And in order to sell, top-down.

Let’s see examples:

In addition, the indicator can be used to track the direction of the trend. If its columns are above the “0” mark, then the market up trend. If they are below zero – down trend.

I also want to say this. Delta RSI can be the basis of a trading strategy. That is, you can only trade on his signals. However, such trading will be very risky. In order to reduce the risk of losses, it is necessary to include additional analysis tools in the trading system. In this case, the percentage of quality signals will increase, and thus the profit from trading will increase as well.

I once again remind you that any market analysis tool requires thorough testing of its operation on a demo account.

Download precise forex indicator to enter the market Delta RSI:


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