Hello, dear traders!

The first month of the coming year flew quickly. Its trading results were quite successful for me. The total profit on the end of the month amounted to $ 6239, which is significantly more December earnings.

In January, I closed 56 trading deals, a profit was recorded in 40 of them.

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January news, unfortunately, were not pleased. Geopolitical tension sharply increased. True, the influence of this factor on the markets was still limited. The main event was the next meeting of the Fed. His results confirmed the fact that the American Central Bank embarks on toughening his policy. Last year, representatives of the United States Fed have repeatedly stated that the growth of inflation is not a serious problem. It is temporary, and very soon the growth rates of consumer prices slow down. But in the end, such rhetoric disappeared from applications, since inflation in the United States is not only Does not slow down, but, on the contrary, continues to grow. Markets are confident that in March, FOMC will decide on raising rates.

Trade in January

I do not change my preferences and still trading cryptocurrencies, oil and gold. The oil market in January was quite predictable. Quotes grew rapidly. There were simply no reasons for their decline. Market participants are concerned about possible interruptions in deliveries due to geopolitics. In addition, some countries that are part of OPEC + for one reason or another Do not fulfill adopted obligations on increasing oil production. In the oil market there was such a situation when demand is ahead of the proposal. I closed in January 14 trade transactions on oil, of which only two with a loss. The final profit on these orders was $ 1977, which is very good.

In the Gold Market, the situation in January was observed ambiguous. In the middle of the month, the price of the precious metallol demonstrated steady growth. However, after the meeting of the Fed, gold quotes collapsed. Tightening DCP American The Central Bank will lead to the strengthening of the dollar, and this is a negative factor for the gold market. In addition, the yield of government bonds in the US is growing, which increases investor interest in these papers. I closed in January 14 shopping transactions in gold. Unprofitable was only three. The overall result from the trading dragomalla – 1121 dollars.

Well, the rest of the profit was obtained from cryptocurrency trading.

Statement for January can be downloaded for this link:

Statement__January 2022

Inga Fedorova

Record overview of trade in January. Profit – $ 6239. For the first time appeared forex-for-you.ru.