Greetings to blog readers! October flew quickly. My trade was quite active and interesting. The month was completed successfully. According to its results, profit amounted to 4273 dollars. In total, I closed 40 trading deals. A profile was recorded on 32 warrants. I have a trading account with Maximarkets . As for the news background, it was saturated in October. However, as always. But perhaps the main theme of the past month was the energy crisis. The world has not yet been able to cope pandemic and supply chain disruptions. New calls are added to these problems. Gas in Europe jumped in price to a record level. Its cost in October came close to $2,000 per thousand cubic meters. True, then there was a significant rollback in the price. But it still remains high. Against the background of the current situation in the gas market, demand for oil began to grow, which, of course, led to its rise in price. Investors are waiting for the OPEC decision on the volume of production. If the meeting participants agree to increase it, then you can expect oil quotes to fall. The second popular topic in October was Fedrezerva’s policy. Markets suggest that in the near future it will still be amended. It is time for the US Central Bank to begin reducing the volume of the asset buyback program. This was said last month not only by experts, analysts and economists, but also by representatives of the FOMC.

Best deals of the month

In October, I used various trading instruments to earn money. Moreover, more than gold and oil account for half of the total number of transactions. These assets respond predictably enough to the news flow, so making trade decisions is easier. Gold began to rise in price after the release of data on September inflation growth in the United States. The risks associated with high inflation always increase the demand for precious metal. But there were periods of falling gold prices. This happened against the backdrop of rising yields of American government bonds and strengthening the dollar. I closed 12 trading deals in October on gold. And they were all profitable. The total profit in trade for the xauusd pair exceeded $3100. The oil trade has not been so successful. Too many factors influenced price dynamics. It can be difficult to track and account for everything. At the end of the month, 11 oil trade transactions were closed, of which 7 were successful. However, the total profit in oil trading was insignificant – about $300. Download the statue of my October trade here: statement_october 2021 Inga Fedorova 03.11.2021 Record Trade overview for October. Profit – $4273. first appeared