night scalping: advantages and featuresScalping as a trading method is used by many traders. The main reason for its popularity is the potential for rapid income. This trading method has its pros and cons. One of the drawbacks is a high degree of emotional tension. The psychological factor can prevent you from successfully realizing the possibilities of the trading strategy. But the situation can be changed if you use so-called night scalping. Its exact time depends on which country the trader lives in or the time zone. For us it is an Asian session, when American and European traders have a rest. At this time, the market is often weak, which increases the predictability of movement and significantly reduces the emotional “degree”. Night scalping – not the best time to get a large amount of profit. But you can earn some money in a relatively quiet night trade.

Night scalping strategies

If you look at the charts of currency pairs at night, you can see that often the price after a rough trading day goes into a small range of movement. That’s why the channel strategy will be suitable for trading. Install a channel indicator on the chart and trade on the rebound from the channel boundaries.As you can see from my example, the price of Euro/USD at night
“calmed down” and started moving in a channel with a small range. It’s a good one.
an opportunity to make money. Orders are opened after the price breaks from one of the borders
the canal. The target is the opposite end of the channel. Stop order is placed a little
…above or below the line from which the rebound occurred. Generally speaking, trading rules
standard for the channel trade. Of course, every currency pair has its own
peculiarities, and they should be taken into account in night trading.Night scalping has one major drawback.
It’s hard to trade at night because you want to sleep. But there is a way out. You can do that.
to use an advisor. There are a lot of robots that were created specifically for
of night trading. I can recommend you to pay attention to the advisor
Pipjet. According to the numerous reviews of traders, he shows very good
the results of the trade. This robot analyzes the market situation. Trading transactions
it only opens if the market observes the flute and does so according to the scheme,
I described above.In spite of the seeming simplicity, night scalping requires some skills. Therefore, do not rush to trade on a real account. First, see what you can do in demo trading. And don’t forget about the management, otherwise trading at night in the morning can significantly reduce the size of the trading account.Fyodorov’s Inga02.09.2019