minutes of the meeting of the federal reserve system of the united statesThe U.S. Federal Reserve has released the minutes of the last meeting. It took place in July. As the document shows, members of the Governing Board discussed the possible resumption of the asset purchase programme. This will be based on previous experience with the quantitative easing programme. Such measures can be taken if the situation in the U.S. economy requires the intervention of the Fed. As well as that, the meeting participants discussed the trade conflict with China. They expressed the view that it could have a negative impact on economic growth in the United States. The protocol notes that a number of factors put pressure on the business sentiment in U.S. companies. They reduce investment in capital expenditures. Uncertainty about the dynamics of the global economy, as well as deteriorating trade relations may have a negative impact on the activities of U.S. companies. Participants in the July Fed meeting believe that the existing risks will persist in the short term and will constrain the growth of the U.S. economy. Some members of the Board of Governors noted that many U.S. CEOs are making decisions given that there will be no improvement in trade relations in the near future.