What to do if you decide to start earning on Forex? First of all, it is necessary to choose a fair forex broker, which will become a reliable partner for beginner traders. But how not to run into a scammer and fall into the hands of crooks?Often we are the first to go online and read reviews. In general, this tactic has a right to life, but let’s look at the detailed strategy of choosing a broker by review and decide together how to deal with reviews such as “Maximarkets lochotron”, “Maximarkets scammers, don’t believe them, they stole from me”.Who do you think is writing negative reviews online? Let us tell you a little secret: most of the swearing reviews were written by specially hired people for the purpose of black PR – a well-known maneuver, whose task is to worsen the image and undermine the trust of customers to competitors. In other words, it’s an attack on a competitor’s business.This term appeared in Russia in the late 80’s – early 90’s to denote information that was distributed through the media, contained dirt or other information that badly influenced the image of competitors. This game is very much loved and fond of playing politicians and major global corporations. Most high-profile scandals, including world-class scandals, disclosures and some “incredible” discoveries are the result of this type of competition. For example, at one point in time there were sensational reports that a well-known carbonated beverage company was using substances that were extracted … from caterpillars! Exactly, sometimes such messages are like bullshit.

MaxiMarkets lottery or not? What kind of reviews do you believe?

Less companies have also adopted this way of demoralizing competitors – and that, a low-cost method, but it works fine! Paid money to those who specialize in this, consumers read the reviews of lochotron, were afraid and ran to another, necessary for the customer, the company – the goal is achieved!
We very often believe what is written and do not want to bother ourselves with elementary fact checking. Indeed, the easiest thing to do is to shift the responsibility for choosing someone else’s shoulders, believing the first person you meet, and then swearing at everybody else that you’ve run into crooks and rags. But in the case of the choice of a forex broker we are talking about our own money, how can you trust the opinion of some people who spit poison on the Internet for money?!
Let’s discuss what you really need to pay attention to when choosing a forex broker, so as not to run into a lottery or crooks, and most importantly, not to lose your blood and earn money?

  • Before everything, pay attention to the reputation of the broker. MaxiMarkets has been a member of the Association of Russian Banks since 2013 and has been a member of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia since 2012. Since 2016, MaxiMarkets has been a member of the Finance Committee, the international body that regulates broker and trader relations. This means that the company has nothing to hide or be afraid of, because the Financial Committee is always on the broker’s side. By becoming a member of the Finance Committee, MaxiMarkets has shown that it is open-minded and transparent in its processes. Of course, these associations only work with trusted companies with a pure reputation.
  • Partners of the company. The principle here is, “Tell me who your friend is, and I’ll tell you who you are.” MaxiMarkets’ partners are such large news agencies as Finversia.ru, Bankir.ru, BDM.ru, Investing.com, VestiFinance.ru. Do you agree that there will be such serious media working with lottery and crooks?
  • Time of presence of the company in the market – the longer the company works, the more reliable the cooperation with it is. MaxiMarkets has been in the market since 2008, which proves the stability and reliability of this broker.

Before you start making money in the Forex market, every future trader needs to solve a lot of issues. What amount to invest and where to get it, what trading tactics to follow and what to choose an asset, whether to trust the technical or fundamental analysis, whether to use advisers and the help of analysts in trade? But the most important and main task of the beginning trader was and remains the choice of a forex broker. In this case, if the future participant of the exchange does not seriously approach the choice of a financial partner, it goes the easiest way (and, as always, the most wrong way) – looking for reviews on the Internet. And, of course, sooner or later he finds numerous comments that MaxiMarkets are scammers and divorcees.

Maximarkets are crooks?

No one denies the fact that there are a lot of allegations on the Internet that Maximarkets are scammers and divorcees. And they have their own authors, just like everything created by man. The authors of these comments are usually divided into two types of people. The first of them get paid for every review they write. Most often, large brokers have their own staff of freelance writers for the purpose of writing reviews. These people make hundreds and thousands of comments every day about the company’s work, which are then safely “scattered” across the Internet. Only negative comments they write most often about competitor brokers and all those who are popular. It’s a pretty simple way to get a company’s reputation wet and lure their customers. But there are other comments that are positive. They are, of course, addressed to the breadwinner broker, the one who destroys competitors by the most cowardly method.</it’s>Who the second type of reviewers are those who actually worked with this broker and could not save the invested money. There is just a category of people who find it easier to blame everyone around them for their failures than to think about their mistakes. Most often, a merged deposit has one simple reason – a trader’s unwillingness to learn and develop professional skills, inability to wait for the moment and analyze the market, as well as complete ignorance of the advice from the company’s experts. Such traders do not come to the market to become professional participants of the financial market, but with a clear understanding that the broker “must” provide them with a profit. They don’t even have to hit a finger – everyone will bring it and serve it on a silver platter.Of course, such an erroneous opinion about Forex trading and about the work in the financial market as a whole leads to quite expected failures. Earning money on Forex is a hard mental work that sometimes requires a lot of time, analytical skills and perseverance. If you want to become a professional in this field – choose a broker carefully. Do not trust unfamiliar reviews, which confirm that Maximarkets is a total lottery, but it is better to analyze and compare trading conditions of the companies by yourself.Bottom line, let’s revisit the topic of negative feedback. When choosing a forex broker is not worth believing in the word reviews such as “Maximarkets lochotron”, “Maximarkets scammers” and others similar. It’s worth spending some time, finding really truthful information, talking to the company’s managers and making a decision on your own, based on the facts, not on the opinion of “writers” of paid reviews.