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Loser trader syndrome. How to fix the problem.

Zespół Loser Przedsiębiorcy. Jak Rozwiązać Problem.

Today I want to return to the topic of trading psychology. Its underestimation can lead to zero efforts to earn money in the Forex market. According to unofficial statistics, out of every 100 people who come to the market for the purpose of earning money, there are 5-10 people left. I guess that’s about it. Thinking about the newcomers who came for rapid enrichment and hoped to do so without knowledge and experience is meaningless. They came and went. I want to talk about other traders who seem to be working hard, learning the theory, and trying to put it into practice, but they still fail. Why is that? It is often the result of the so-called loser syndrome.

Loser’s Syndrome Signs

This psychological problem can be diagnosed by the following criteria:

What do I do?

To get started, you’ll have to find
and honestly admit, “Yes, I have loser syndrome.” After that, you can…
to start “treatment.” To do that, there must be a desire to change oneself.We need to reconsider our goal
on rapid enrichment and replace it with a real one. The desire to increase your
a trading account, for example, is not a fantasy. But for him.
it’s gonna take a long time to implement. And you have to understand that.Trader with the syndrome
a loser should be banned from trading in large volumes. It’s the way to…
the loss of funds and new failures.If the order closes with
loss, the trader must assume full responsibility for the failure
the completion of the deal. There’s no tragedy in that. Loss transactions are as follows
a normal part of the trading process. It’s important to draw the right conclusions about
the reason for the failure. Over time, the number of losing orders will decrease, and
profitable to grow. Nelsius, to allow
trading decisions were influenced by emotions. Strict adherence to the rules
trading strategy is a prerequisite for successful trading. Discipline…
a good “pill” to get rid of psychological problems of all kinds. And the syndrome.
a loser trader is no exception. The problem isn’t as bad as it sounds. If you really want to, you can handle it. And then you’ll definitely make it to those cherished 5-10 percent of successful traders.Fyodorov’s Inga22.06.2019

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