This question is asked to themselves by some traders who gained first trading experience in the forex market. Of course, the reasons for this pessimistic mood may be different. If the trader came to the market for fast and easy money, then disappointment comes quickly enough. And in this case, perhaps, you should not continue to engage in trading. But there is another category of novice traders. They are seriously interested in the market and are making efforts to earn money. Nevertheless, good trading results cannot boast. Sooner or later there comes a moment when such traders begin to doubt the possibility of achieving the desired result. I want in this article to make the case that you should not refuse trading as a way to generate income.

Why do not give up trading

One of the reasons for unsuccessful trading is a lack of knowledge about the market and trading. Therefore, instead of leaving forex, you need to engage in self-education. Solve this the problem is not difficult in our time, since a lot of relevant theoretical material can be found in the network. Only efforts should be made and, of course, enough time should be allocated for this. The second reason for unprofitable trading at the initial stage of trading development is lack of experience. All the knowledge gained about the market and trading still needs to be able to be used in trade. And for this you need specific trading practices. You have to start with trading on a demo account. He’s a good simulator. But this one has type of account, in my opinion, there is a significant drawback. Trading virtual money eliminates the risks of real losses. And this means that the psychological background will be completely different. After mastering the basics of trading on a demo account, it makes sense to open a real trading account with a small amount of funds. If your broker offers the opportunity to open a cent account, then this is the best option for gaining trading experience. Well, the last thing I want to mention on this topic. We must always remember that your failed trading is no exception to the rules. All traders went through a similar experience, including those who eventually became professionals in trading on the forex market. Therefore, a cardinal decision should not be made to leave. The best to set themselves up for a long job on improving their trading skills. Patience must be gained and the goal will be achieved. Inga Fedorova. 11 09.2021 Is it worth it to keep trading on forex for the first time appeared