Foreign exchange and other markets are attributing attention not only to traders themselves. They are studied by specialists in the field of finance. And the behavior of traders is especially interested in psychologists. Analysis of the data has shown that about 70% of all novice investors remain on the market. This indicator reflects the situation in trade not only in the foreign exchange market, but also in other markets. In any case, to achieve success in trade will require time and effort. Specialists, about whom I wrote above, also studied different approaches to earnings in the markets. And they concluded that intuitive trading (it is also called discrete) shows good trade results. At the same time, he has its drawbacks. Here is a trading method I want to tell today. First of all, we will describe what it represents. Intuitive trading suggests that the trader makes a trading decision based on the market feeling. It does not use any rules and conditions for opening orders. Technical and Fundamental Analyzes of the Market Situation Trader, of course, are familiar, but he almost does not pay attention. The main thing for such a trader is intuition. He feels where the price goes, and when it is better to close the deal. Attitude towards discrete trade in the trader community Miscellaneous. Some traders consider her pampering, which are often engaged in newcomers. But it also has the opinion that intuitive trade is available only to the chosen. And such traders earn very well.

Pluses of intuitive trading

First of all, this is a trading result. Studying this issue has shown that those traders who have achieved success in discrete trade earn much more. Developed intuition contributes to the improvement of human personal qualities. And this, in turn, increases the effectiveness of its trade. Such a trader knows how to sew a lot of unnecessary information and take into account only those data that can really be useful. The intuitive trader acts quickly and efficiently. He does not need to spend time on the thekanaliz and news calendar. He It is able to calmly assess the situation in the market and make an optimal solution.

Cons of discrete trading

are several of them. But, in fact, all the flaws have one base. The fact is that the psychology of a person is arranged so that he sometimes sees what wishes to see, and not what is really. In this regard, trading decisions in intuitive trade can be very subjective. In other words, if the trader wants the price of an asset to grow, he will see confirmation of its probable increase. Especially This applies to those traders who have intuition developed weakly. Therefore, market beginners do not need to hurry to engage in trade based on intuition. This option can only consider professionals. Inga Fedorova 28.12.2021 Recording intuitive trading. Pros and cons. For the first time appeared