Parabolic is one of the most famous and popular indicators. But today I want to talk about a modified version of this tool. The Parabolic Close indicator can help the trader assess the current market situation. Its signals are easily perceived. In this regard, even completely inexperienced traders will be able to use the indicator in trade. The Parabolic Close file needs to be downloaded and then placed in the directory of the trading terminal. MT4 The indicator shows itself well on almost all the most popular currency pairs and any timeframes. However, to achieve better trading results, you need to optimize its settings. This will be easy because there are only two variables in the indicator parameters. The graph shows the indicator as a curve line. The size of its step can be specified using the Step parameter. In addition, the trader has the ability to limit the maximum value of the indicator curve. For this, there is a corresponding variable – Maximum.

Application of Parabolic Close in trade

When you set the indicator on the chart of the selected currency pair, it will look like this:

The trader only needs to track the location of the price of the relative curve of the indicator. If it crosses the line in the bottom-up direction, and the plug closes above the curve, then this situation is considered as a signal for purchase. If the price crosses the line in the top-down direction and the candle closes below the curve, then this is a signal to open the order for sale. It is recommended to place the stop loss at the nearest minimum or maximum. Well, the trader must determine the condition for fixing the profile himself. I want to warn you that the Parabolic Close indicator alone will not be enough to make steady money in the foreign exchange market. If you try to do this, put your deposit at risk. For efficient trading, you need to include one or even two more technical analysis tools in your trading strategy. Of course, their work needs to be tested in demo trading and get good statistics. It will take some time, but in the future it will be possible to receive a stable income. And do not forget about manipulation. Violation of its rules can negate all efforts to earn money in the forex market. , Parabolic Close indicator file can be downloaded from this link: Parabolic Close , Inga Fedorova ,,22.08.2021,, Record Parabolic Close indicator first appeared