The technical analysis tool discussed in this article is universal. And this means that it can be successfully used in trading any currency pairs and on different timeframes. Indicator for MT4 Uni cross alerts analyzes the situation that has developed in the market and signals favorable moments for opening trade transactions. Its algorithm uses the readings of two indicators: TMA and T3. Uni cross alerts are installed in the MT4 according to the normal scheme. Indicator file must be placed to the Indicators folder of the trading platform. After that, we set it on the schedule of the currency pair that is supposed to be used for earnings. You can then optimize your settings. Or you can start by testing the indicator with the default settings.

Setting the Indicators

Uni cross alerts indicator has a sufficiently large list of variables in the settings. But only a few are important. First, indicate which timeframe there will be trade. To do this, use the corresponding variable – Time-Frame. The following four parameters relate to the setting of the indicator. T3 T3-Period and T3-Price are the period and price type that will be used in indicator calculations. T3-Hot is a factor that is used to improve signal quality. The T3-Original option enables or disables the display of T3 signals on the price graph. TMA-Half-Cycle and TMA-Price are variables concerning the second TMA indicator. Using them, you can specify the value of the cycle, and the price type. The remaining settings allow you to select the color of the arrows and how the trader is alerted to the signals.

When you can open orders

Indicator for MT4 Uni cross alerts looks like this on the chart of the traded currency pair:

Reading signals to enter the market is very easy. Blue arrows are recommendations of the “buy” indicator. Accordingly, red arrows are “sell.” You can close previously opened warrants when an arrow of a different color appears.     However, I do not recommend making trade decisions only based on the signals of this indicator. To improve trading results, you need to filter them using another indicator. To this end, you can use any of the tools of technical analysis that has shown itself well in trade. Filter selection should be done on a demo account. Download indicator for MT4: Uni_cross_alerts Inga Fedorova 15.08.2021 Record Indicator for MT4 Uni cross alerts first appeared