We continue to get acquainted with the indicators. Today I want to offer you VKW BANDS. In general, this indicator was created for a long time. But its initial version was unsuccessful, since the indicator redrew his signals. Since then, it has been repeatedly modified. And the latest versions of VKW Bands can already be used to be successfully used in trade. In the archive, the link to which I will post at the end of this article, you will find the files of several indicator options. All of them are workers and show good trading results. There is also an adviser file. They can take advantage of the traders who prefer automatic trading. In the Trading Terminal, we set the indicator according to the standard diagram. Parameters in the settings are a bit. To begin with, they can be left unchanged. In the future, you can try to optimize the settings if there is such a desire. The VKW Bands indicator is displayed in a separate window in the form of different color lines. Their intersection is the signal to open the trade order. And now I will tell about it in more detail.

When opening transactions

After installing the indicator on the price schedule of the traded currency pair, we will see such a picture: Buy order open if we see that the following happens on the chart. The white line crossed the red line in the bottom upward direction. And before this there was an inverse intersection, that is, the white line crossed the red line in the direction from top to bottom. An additional argument in favor of opening a deal will be the price Near a strong level of support. A sales warrant can be opened with the following conditions. The white line crossed the blue line in the direction from top to bottom. Prior to that, there was an inverse intersection. The white line crossed the blue line in the bottom upward direction. We draw attention to where the price is in relation to the nearest level of resistance. As you can see, the rules are quite simple. It is only necessary to watch what happens on the chart. more I want to note that the VKW Bands indicator is universal. It can be used in trading by any currency pairs, indexes, shares and other tools. Timeframe also does not matter much. You can close the transactions when the signal appears the opposite direction. All parts of using this indicator should be done on the demo account. Indicator and Advisor files are available at this link: VKW_BANDS Inga Fedorova 27.01.2022 Recording indicator for MT4 VKW Bands first appeared forex-for-you.ru.