In this article, I want to tell you about an effective tool for analyzing a market situation. They are an indicator for MT4 Media Movil Hull Para. In essence, it is an optimized version of the Hull Ma indicator. This indicator is very easy to apply in trade. In this case, it forms fairly accurate signals. To start work, you need to download the indicator file, and then place it in the corresponding folder of the MT4 trading platform. After this work is performed, you need to open a graph of the traded currency pair and install MEDIA MOVIL HULL PARA. It will be displayed as a two-color line.

About Settings

Indicator for MT4 Media Movil Hull Para has only three parameters. The line period that is displayed on the price schedule must be installed using the PERIODO-DE-LA-MEDIA-MOVIL-HULL variable. Next, specify which type of price indicator should be used in your calculations. It is necessary to do this in the field corresponding to the precio-aplicado-en-el-calculo parameter. Well, the last variable in the settings – Metodo-de-Calculo-de-La-Medio-Movil. It is intended In order to register the indicator line type. Initially, you can change anything in the settings. But in the process of testing the operation of the indicator, you can try to optimize the output parameters.

Trade Rules

They are very simple. On the chart, the indicator looks like this:

To open a purchase transaction, you need two conditions. The color line of the indicator should change with red to green. At the same time, the candle should cross the line in the bottom up and Close up above this line. For the opening of the order for sale, similar conditions are needed, but with appropriate amendments. The color of the indicator line should change from green to red. Candle must lose line in the direction from top to bottom and close below it. In the screenshot above, it is clearly visible, as in practice signals look at the entrance to the market. The transaction should be close after the signal appears in the opposite direction. To place Stop Loss, use the nearest minimum or maximum Prices. If you wish, you can use a Take profit, which is two or three times higher than the size of the foot. You can try different options in the demo trade. It will also be useful to add an additional indicator for MT4. This will allow you to get a full-fledged trading strategy. Download Indicator file: Media Movil Hull Para Inga Fedorova 23.01.2022 Recording Indicator For MT4 Media Movil Hull Para For the first time appeared