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Indicator for drawing on a price chart

Wskaźnik Do Rysowania Na Wykresie Cenowym

The result of trading to some extent depends on the conditions for trading. If they are comfortable enough for a trader, it will definitely affect the quality of analysis and, as a result, the profit. We must admit that the developers of MT4 have made sure that the trader was comfortable to trade. Various useful tools are included in the terminal for this purpose.

Some traders prefer to make notes on the chart. This facilitates visual perception of the market situation and making trading decisions. MT4 has “icons” and “shapes” that can be used for this purpose. But sometimes they’re not enough.

To expand the trader’s capabilities in working with the chart, the indicator for drawing VR-Draw was created. I want to tell you about it today.

Insetting the indicator on the chart

This is the standard way I wrote about it in the article “Metatrader 4 cheat sheet”. Once the VR-Draw file has been uploaded to the program directory, it can be found in the “Custom Indicators” list and attached to the chart of the traded instrument. If everything was done correctly, the corresponding icon will appear in the upper left corner of the chart. Click on it to activate the drawing indicator.

Indicator settings have only one parameter that allows you to change the color of the indicator line. However, it makes no sense to use it, because you can set up the indicator according to your preferences right on the chart. Use the “Color” button to select the color of the line to draw. The “Width” button allows you to select the thickness of the button. If the drawing was made incorrectly, we erase it using the “Erase” button.

This is so simple and convenient. I will post the VR-Draw file for download at the end of the article. But I want to note that in my trading terminal the indicator refused to work for some reason. If the same thing happens to you, I recommend that you go the other way, more securely. This indicator can be downloaded from And you should do it in the trading terminal, using the “Market” tab. The indicator will be immediately loaded into the program directory. You only need to find it in the list of custom indicators in MT4. The problem with downloading the indicator can occur only if the trader does not have an account at But it’s easy to fix. Registration will take no more than a minute.

Download indicator to draw on the chart:VR DRAWFyodorov’s Inga12.12.2018

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