For those who trade binary options, this analysis tool can be very useful. It’s called a BarsStreet. You can trade on any currency pair. Exposure time is 60 seconds. On the chart, this indicator for binary options without repainting is displayed as bold dots or small circles of two colors: red and blue.

But the main feature of this indicator is that the points are numbered. What do the numbers mean? It’s simple. That’s the number of candles in one direction. The logic here is as follows: the more candlesticks appear sequentially on the chart in one direction, the more likely it is that the price moves in the opposite direction. When a blue dot appears, we buy the PUT option. And accordingly, the red point is a signal to buy the CALL.

Binary Options Trading Strategy

The key to successful trading is to comply with the rules concerning capital management. In this case, it will be almost impossible to lose your money. In any case, this is what the creators of the indicator say. But whatever they say, you have to believe in your own experience.

So the trading strategy is as follows. Suppose a trader’s account is $2,000.

Buy the option when a dot with the number 3 appears. The rate is 1 percent of the deposit. In our example, it’s $20. After the dot number 4 appears, we buy the option again. The rate will be 3 percent of the deposit or $60. Point number 5 is another signal to buy an option. Rate – 6 percent of the deposit or $120. And starting from point 7 and above, the rate when buying an option should be 10 percent of the deposit, i.e. $200. The higher the point number, the stronger the signal and the higher the bet.

Forex trading

This indicator can be used in the Forex trading we all are used to. But it has to be done a little differently.

Timeframe – M5. We open orders strictly in the direction of the main trend movement. And it should be done when points with numbers from 5 and above appear. It is also better to enter the market with a signal confirmation. This can be an important level or, for example, a candle pattern. And currency pairs should be chosen with a small spread.

BarsStreet settings

The first two parameters concern the visual display of signals. If you want the indicator to beep when a new point appears, you must activate the “Alert” parameter. Other parameters allow you to choose the number of points to be displayed on the chart.

Testing BarsStreet on a demo account is a prerequisite.

Download indicator for binary options without redrawing:


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