Precise entry into the market is an important component of profitable trading. The C4 Nitro indicator forms signals for opening trading positions. And it does so on the basis of three other indicators: Moving Average, Trix and Momentum. It is very easy to use the indicator, as the signals are displayed as arrows. Besides, an information window appears on the price chart. His data may be useful to the trader. In the window you can see four indicators: current price and spread values, signals for each of the three indicators, as well as a recommendation to open a trade order. Let me tell you, this indicator is a universal one. It can be used to trade any currency and on different timeframes.

C4 Nitro

ParametersNo installation problems
you shouldn’t have this theanalysis tool in MT4 because you’re doing it
according to the standard scheme. After adding an indicator file to the trade
of the terminal, set it on the chart of the traded instrument and enter the settings.
At first glance, it may seem that there are a lot of parameters. But in practice.
Most of them don’t require much attention from the trader, as they relate to
visualization and alarm notification. Variables that the trader
can work, just three.Parameter Trix-Period – allows you to specify the period of the indicator of the same name, which is included in the algorithm C4 Nitro.Parameter Period-MA
is designed to select the moving average period.Well, finally, the parameter
MOM-Period defines the Momentum.period

Market Entry Conditions

The price chart on which the analysis tool under consideration today is set looks like this:For the purchase you need to see a blue arrow pointing upwards on the chart. In the information window all three indicators give a signal to buy (colored green), and at the bottom of the window appears a recommendation BUY.To sell on the chart should
there’s a red arrow pointing down. In the information window, all three
the indicator sends a sell signal. That’s indicated by their red color.
The recommendation at the bottom of the window is SELL.As you can see, it’s very simple. Despite this, you should not start to trade for real money on this indicator right away. Try it in the demo trade. See for yourself the effectiveness of this analysis tool. And if the result is positive, you can include it in the working trading strategy.C4NitroDownloadFyodorov’s Inga29.05.2019