imoney expo 2018 conference to be held in chinese guangzhouThis event, which will be held on November 2-3, will be interesting for professionals working in the financial sector. iMoney Expo 2018 program includes forums and exhibitions.

The main issues for discussion will be forex trading, payments, blockchain as well as credit, personal finance, money transfers and payment security.

The focus will be on fraud prevention, banking software, and cloud computing.

The conference organizer’s report notes that the development of financial technologies in today’s world raises the level of financial markets and institutions. In China, the number of citizens using mobile payments is growing rapidly. The popularity of electronic payments is increasing all over the world. This situation requires prompt updates to the existing banking software.

iMoney Expo 2018 will unite the East and the West in the process of creating an effective financial environment not only in China, but all over the world.

Guangzhou is expected to attract more than 5000 participants from around the world.

Besides the working events, iMoney Expo 2018 will host an award ceremony for financial specialists.

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