HQ Support Resistance TT is an indicator that builds support and resistance lines. Based on this, it forms signals to open trade orders. On the chart, they are displayed in the form of multi-colored arrows, so track signals are easy. First you need to install the indicator in the trading terminal. To do this, use the standard instruction. There are no restrictions on trade tools and timeframes. But in my personal experience, HQ Support Resistance TT works better in small time periods. After installation The indicator on the chart of the traded currency pair go to the tab with its parameters. At first glance it may seem that there are a lot of them. But only four variables are important. The FOR parameter is designed to specify the list of currency pairs that the trader plans to use to earn money on the market. Next Parameter – History. Here you need to register the number of candles that the indicator will be applied in its calculations. As you know, any candle has four types of prices (discoveries, closure, maximum and minimum). Using the SUP-REZ-Price parameter, you should specify which of them the indicator should use to perform the necessary calculations. BAR-FILTER – This variable is designed to filter signals. From its value will depend on the accuracy of the signals. The remaining parameters in the settings can be left as it is. They do not have a significant impact on trade efficiency.

Signals on the entrance to the market

This is how the HQ Support Resistance TT looks on schedule:

Signals read as follows. The appearance on the graph of the blue-color stars indicates the formation of a market situation favorable for purchase. However, you can open the BUY order only after displaying the white arrow schedule directed upwards. To open the Sell Order also requires two conditions. First, the graph of yellow color should appear on the chart. After that, you need to wait for the appearance of the red arrow, which is directed down. Indicator HQ Support Resistance TT forms high-quality signals. But among them will be, of course, false. Therefore, I recommend applying it in trading carefully. To improve the efficiency of the trading strategy, it is necessary to pick up another one or two indicators that will allow filter signals. This can and need to be done on the demo account. Download Indicator file: HQ Support Resistance TT Inga Fedorova 09.01.2022 Recording The HQ Support Resistance TT indicator first appeared forex-for-you.ru. .